Bräunlingen. This year at Automechanika in Hall 8 E42/46 & F55, BlitzRotary will showcase over 450 m² of proven products and numerous innovations. The focus is on the product areas car/truck lifting technology, compressed air technology, tire service, wheel alignment, test lanes, and battery service. Innovations at a glance:


Pit Jack, Suspended BLITZ S Vario – World Debut!

The suspended pit jacks from Blitz have been convincing for decades with an outstanding safety concept combined with ergonomic operating comfort – without compromise. At this point, we seamlessly tie in with the new BLITZ S Vario series. The Vario chassis, which with its above-average adjustment range makes measuring the pit a minor matter, is at the center of the completely newly developed pit jack. The models with 15t load capacity and 800 mm stroke are available for the market launch.

In-Ground Lift DUPLEX S3, Modular – World Premiere!

At the heart of the system is a new type of modular system, which uses 6 basic parameters to enable simple configuration of customer-specific truck piston lifts. These include determining the center distances of the vehicles to be accommodated, the installation situation (frame or trough), the cover and arrangement of the traverses (above or below ground), the selection of the control system and other options. The outcome: Individual solutions tailored to the customer’s needs which can be realized faster due to production optimization.

Mobile Column Lift HYDROLIFT S3 6.2/7.5, Wireless & Battery-operated – World Premiere!

With the latest generation of the wheel engaging lift HYDROLIFT S3 the family of Blitz wheel engaging lifts is extended by the new interesting variants with 6.2t and 7.5t load capacity. With the new optional front and rear adapter – suitable for HYDROLIFT S2 and S3 – also tractors can be lifted safely.


Scissor Lift V55 with Vertical Arrangement of the Lift Scissors – World Premiere!

Lifting platform for wheel alignment without columns according to the specifications of leading car manufacturers. The V55 platform lift is a high-precision lifting platform for wheel alignment with a load capacity of 5.5t and a track length of 5500 mm. The lifting platform has exceptional stability and meets the requirements of leading German automobile manufacturers. The construction without columns offers maximum clearance under the lift and also allows lateral access with minimum dimensions. Corrosion protection is an important aspect, especially for platform lifts. BlitzRotary uses cataphoretic dip coating plus powder coating (CAT). The V55 can also be used at the headlight setting workplace.

Scissor Lift S38 – World Premiere!

The universal lifting platform with 3.8 t lifting capacity for the reception area, for wheel alignment work, for diagnostic workstations (assistance systems) and repairs. Depending on the area of application, the S38 series is available in four basic configurations, with two different platform lengths and as above ground or underground version. With a usable track length of 4200 – 4600 mm, the overall length of the lifting platform can be adapted to the existing foundation dimension, depending on the design of the anti-roll-back device. Integrated recesses with stainless steel support in the running surface enable the wheel alignment version to accommodate all commercially available turntables. The recesses can be closed completely when no rotary table is used. Pneumatically lockable sliding plates are the basis for effortless wheel alignment. The standard cataphoretic dip coating plus powder coating (CAT) guarantees perfect corrosion protection.


Automatic Tire Changer Karacter.LL – World Premiere!

The new Karacter tire changer has two ergonomic handles with pneumatically controlled unlocking buttons for horizontal positioning of the tire changer. The handle on the side combines 3 functions in one: Control of vertical movement of rollers, control of radial penetration of rollers into tires and control of the vertical movement of the assembly tool. The speed is continuously and arbitrarily adjustable by the operator. With 10-26″, the tire changer Karacter covers the common need for tire sizes.

Roller Brake Tester RT-Series – World Premiere!

The new roller brake tester of the RT series with its modern display variations (smartphone/tablet, TV or LED matrix) is the perfect and reliable companion for the workshop and the test bench. The modular design allows easy adaptation to future requirements. Due to the standard built-in engine brake, problems when driving out of the test bench are a thing of the past. 20 years of international experience results in attention to detail. For example, in the high quality of the rollers, on whose coating Butler gives a 3-year warranty. The cataphoresis coating also makes the brake tester indestructible.

3D Wheel Aligner Speedliner 3D HP.B

The completely wireless 3D camera system of the Speedliner 3D HP.B with Bluetooth transmission is versatile – due to its compact size also suitable for workshops with limited space. The user-friendly handling of the extensive database allows a clear identification of the vehicles. Extremely lightweight, maintenance-free 3D targets without electronic components. The self-centering 3-point wheel holders enable fast and accurate input measurement. Rolling runout compensation is available as an option.


Battery Chargers HS12/24 Series, New 120A Version with Multi-Resonance Converter Technology

The HS12/24 series offers a wide range of 12/24V chargers. In addition to versions with 35A and 50A, models with 120A are now available. All devices are suitable for wet, gel, fleece, AGM, calcium and Li-Ion starter batteries. The specified current is provided permanently – particularly important when flashing new-generation vehicle control units. From HS12/24-50D, a desulphation mode is standard. The new 120A models are also distinguished by their multi-resonance converter technology, which achieves an efficiency of up to 97%. Optional charging cables with a length of 20 m are available for these models – so that the charging cable can be easily led down from the ceiling, e.g. via a retractor. In this case, a remote control of the HS10/24-120 is also provided.

About BlitzRotary

BlitzRotary is the European head office of the world leader in vehicle lifting and accident damage technology Vehicle Service Group (VSG). Under the roof of BlitzRotary GmbH the brands BLITZ, Rotary, Butler, and Elektron are combined. The BLITZ brand includes the divisions truck lifting technology, compressed air technology, tire filling and measuring technology as well as special tools. The Rotary brand primarily serves the Car Lifting Technology. Products for tire service and wheel alignment as well as test lanes are manufactured and sold under the Butler brand. The emphasis of Elektron is on welding and battery service devices. For further information, please visit