Bräunlingen. This year, BlitzRotary will present not only proven products but also numerous innovations at the Automechanika in Hall 19 C32 on more than 300m². The focus is on the product areas passenger cars/truck lifting technology, compressed air technology, tyre Service, wheel alignment, test lanes and battery service. An overview of the new features:


Aggregate lifting table MGO

The aggregate lifting table MGO is universally applicable, making it ideal for the safe removal and installation of engines, gearboxes, HV batteries and chassis components from various manufacturers. The table top is divided 60:40, the smaller part is 100 mm extendable. In addition, the table top can tilt by +/- 3.5°in the longitudinal as well as the transverse direction. The flat, narrow design also allows a free positioning under the vehicle.

Wheel gripper HYDROLIFT S3 with tractor adapter set

With the latest generation of HYDROLIFT S3 wheel grippers, the Blitz well gripper family has recently been extended to include new interesting variants with 6.2t and 7.5t capacity. With the new optional tractor adapter set – suitable for HYDROLIFT S2 and S3 – tractors can also be lifted safely.


Vertical scissor lift platform V55/V65 – with approval from leading car manufacturers

The construction without pillars and cross struts on the floor provides maximum space under the lift and also allows lateral access with minimum dimensions. The V-Series has an exceptional stability and meets the specifications of leading car manufacturers.

The V55 is available with or without wheel free lift. With an optional wheel alignment kit, the V55 can also be used as a high-precision lift for wheel alignment. 5.5 t capacity with 5500 mm usable track length allows a wide range of applications from small cars to long-wheel base transporters. The V65 is available with a load capacity of 6.5 t and a track length of 6000 mm with a flat lane, with wheel alignment kit or with wheel alignment kit and wheel free lift. This makes the V65 the ideal lift for large vans, caravans and light trucks.

Integrated recesses with stainless steel, overlays in the running surface enable the inclusion of all commercially available turntables on models with a wheel alignment kit. If no turntable is used, the recesses can be completely closed. Pneumatically lockable sliding plates are the basis for effortless work in wheel alignment. Corrosion protection is a particularly important aspect of ride-on lifts. BlitzRotary relies on Cataphoresis Dipcoating plus Powder Coating (CAT). Also, the use at the headlamp setting place is possible with this platform.

Volkswagen VAS platforms for wheel alignment are available in 4.5t and 5.5t. Mercedes-Benz has released the 6.5 t version for van workshops.


Automatic tyre changer Karacter.TLX

The new professional tyre changer Karacter.TLX has a patented plastic mounting head for cars and vans and is suitable for rim diameters of 10″ – 26″. Equipped with a plastic tool and 2 pneumatic plastic ejector rollers for a powerful and easy workflow.

Roller brake tester BURT series with digital dialog display – smartphone/tablet, LED matrix or TV display

The new roller brake tester of the BURT series with its digital dialog display variations (smartphone/tablet, LED matrix or TV) is the perfect and reliable companion for workshop and test bench. The modular design allows easy adaptation to future requirements. Due to the standard built-in engine brake, problems when driving out of the test bench are a thing of the past. Attention to detail results from 20 years of international experience. For example, the high quality of the rollers, where Butler gives a 3-year warranty on the coating. The cataphoresis coating also makes the brake test rig indestructible.

3D wheel aligner SPEED – with approvals from leading car manufacturers

The completely wireless 3D camera system of the SPEED3 HPR with Bluetooth transmission is versatile – due to its compact size also suitable for workshops with limited space. For all systems, it is possible to adapt various tools for setting driver assistance systems (ADAS). The new, even better search system has an extensive database and can be used with all data updates. The online database “shoot&go” enables the easy search of vehicle data via the license plate (Germany via the KBA number) – the data entry is thereby shortened and simplified. Extremely lightweight, maintenance-free 3D targets without electronic components. The self-centering 3-point wheel holders enable fast and accurate input measurement. A rolling rim impact compensation is optional. Incl. of comprehensive software with 2-year free data updates and ASA network capability.

Butler 3D wheel aligners have the Mercedes-Benz approval.


Battery chargers HS12-15M with magnet holder

The new HS12-15M is a top drawer battery charger. The integrated magnet allows for the attachment to all metallic surfaces, e.g. lifting platforms or workstations. Maximum flexibility: 6 m charging cables make it possible to reach the battery anywhere in the vehicle. State-of-the-art high-frequency technology: for unlimited charge retention in the workplace during service and repair. Fully automatic charging: gentle charging with automatic adjustment of the optimum charging current. The processor-controlled processes prevent damage to the battery. Suitable for all common starter batteries: wet, gel, flow, AGM, calcium and LI ions.

About BlitzRotary

BlitzRotary is the European Headquarter of the Vehicle Service Group (VSG) – a strong, diverse and dynamic global leader in the vehicle service industry. Behind BlitzRotary are strong brands, perfect service and a powerful network of partners. With our high-performance products we are covering the requirements of the tough daily workshop routine. Always in the focus: perfect ergonomics and low total cost of ownership. At Blitz truck lifting technology, compressed air technology, tire filling and measuring technology as well as special tools are traditionally the focus. When it comes to lifting technology for passenger cars, the proven lifts of Rotary are not to be missed. Tire changers and wheel balancers as well as wheel alignment and test lanes – for workshops and tire shops – are covered by Butler. If it’s about battery service and welding devices, Elektron is the perfect choice. For more information you can also visit