At Blitz truck lifting technology, compressed air technology, tire filling and measuring technology as well as special tools are traditionally the focus.
When it comes to lifting technology for passenger cars, the proven lifts of Rotary are not to be missed.
Tire changers and wheel balancers as well as wheel alignment and test lanes – for workshops and tire shops – are covered by Butler.
If it’s about battery service and welding devices, Elektron is the perfect choice.

BRBunited is backed by the brands Rotary, Blitz, Butler and Elektron.

Through the diferentiation of the brands Rotary, Blitz, Butler and Elektron, BRBunited is able to ofer optimal service with well-founded know-how in every line of business.

About Rotary

Rotary Lift’s story of success started in 1924. Inspired by a barber chair rising in the air, company founder Peter Lunati developed the world’s first vehicle lift. The lift could rotate. This design made it possible for vehicles to drive on and off the lift in forward gear. An important argument considering the frequent problem of reversing at that time. The patent for the lift was granted on September 1, 1925 and Rotary Lift – the company – was born. Over 75 years later, Rotary Lift has grown to become the world leader in vehicle lift productivity. Apart from the headquarters in Madison, Indiana (USA) and the European Control Center in Bräunlingen, Germany, numerous global subsidiaries attend to the desires and requirements of our cusomers.

With this unique network, Rotary Lift has the opportunity of analyzing and recognizing market trends at an early stage and of applying that knowledge to generate global standards. Worldwide product releases of numerous vehicle manufacturers emphasize this approach.

About Blitz

Blitz was founded in Schwenningen am Neckar by Matthias Schneider in 1872 as a repair workshop for precision machinery. However, the growth of the motor industry led to an increasing demand for vehicle repair tools. As a result, Blitz began to produce vehicle jacks, electric air pumps and air compressors.

By the end of the 60’s, the growing need for Blitz garage equipment and the further development of compressed air technology necessitated the move to our present headquarters in Braünlingen. Gradually, from the earlier machine repair business, the three current fields of expertise were developed: Truck lifting technology, Compressed air technology, Tyre filling and measuring technology.

Blitz employs the most modern methods of manufacture, utilising welding robots and fully automatic production facilities, resulting in a very high number of components being produced in-house. At Blitz we have highly qualified personnel in development, tool-making and manufacture, as well as our own training scheme. This allows us to aim for the highest quality standards at all times. This standard also applies to our sales, marketing and service departments, which has lead to Blitz attaining ISO certification since 1997.

The importance of marketing Blitz products world-wide was recognised at a very early stage, for example, taking part in prominent international exhibitions. Today, communication is as important as it has ever been and we are employing new mediums in bringing the name of Blitz to world-wide attention.

About Butler

BUTLER was founded in 1988 with the philosophy of designing and manufacturing advanced equipment for tire service. The people who founded Butler in 1988 wanted to change some concepts dealing with the design and the construction of tyre equipment. The name Butler recalls a different approach to the client: it means quality service above anything else.

It also sets a new standard in how machines should work with tyres and rims: with the highest care and attention. If nowadays our equipment is known throughout the world and if many of the machines we produce are used as the standard, it’s because of our farsighted initial choices.

The new plant responds to the most modern building and eco sustainability criteria. The systems and technologies installed aim to the maximum exploitation of power, reducing to a minimum waste and energy requirements.

All processes follow ISO 9001 requirements. A Modern production is granted by laser cutting and robot welding, assembly lines are modular and allow the maximum flexibility. Warehouse management is accelerated through bar code recognition of all materials and software guidedmap of the plant surface. The new showroom covers an area of 800m2 and includes a most items of Butler’s range. As per Butler tradition, training stages are regularly held to improve constantly the service offered to customers.

All equipment is developed inside the company using the most modern design technologies. A tights cooperation with tyre and vehicle manufacturers allows to always offer innovative products and various patents certify Butler’s position of industry leader.

About Elektron

The success story of Elektron began in 1942 with the establishment of the company by Willi Kerber under the name “Elektron Fabrik für physikalisch-technische Geräte Kerber & Co.” The first actual products were power supplies for stationary batteries on the basis of mercury vapor rectifiers and battery chargers for ships. With the passage of time, the product range was extended: Battery chargers for the automobile sector, power sources for semi-automatic and automatic welding and cutting processes, individual and multiple welding rectifiers for use on ships, movie rectifiers for arc lamps.

In 1952, the rising demand for Elektron products required relocation of the company to its present hometown of Bremen. Elektron began to specialize exclusively in welding and battery service technology and surprised the automobile market time and again with their new and innovative products.

At present, Elektron is represented in more than 60 countries and is world leader in the premium segment for welding equipment, plasma cutting equipment, and battery service equipment. Releases by all important vehicle manufacturers underpin the exceptional position in technology and quality.