Compressed air filter C 20

2797 m³/h Flow capacity, for operating pressures up to 16 bar, Activated carbon filter, < 0.01 micron, Residual oil content < 0.003 ppm

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For removal of oil and hydrocarbon vapors normally adsorbable by activated carbon; removes solid particles to 0,01micron (0,003 ppm w/w maximum remaining oil content (as a vapor)).

The two stage filtration:

  • 1st stage: A stabilized bed of finely divided carbon particles removes the majority of the oil vapour.
  • 2nd stage: Multiple layers of fiber media with bonded microfine carbon particles remove the remaining oil vapour. Outer coated, open cell foam sleeve prevents fiber migration designed for 1000 hour life at rated conditions. with calibrated scale for precise calculation of operating costs.
  • Directly mounted differential pressure manometer with calibrated scale for precise calculation of operating costs.
  • All threaded ports on the housing for the intake/discharge of the compressed air meet exact capacity requirements.
  • Tie rods easily absorb the force of the differential pressure. The element is essentially not under stress. The filter element can be easily detached even after a long service life.
  • Automatic condensate separator is provided as standard for removal of the separated fluids. Level C filters are equipped with a manual drain.
  • Air filter housing with an additional epoxy resin coating on pretreated aluminium-chromium substrate provides long-life protection for the housing (inside and out). Resistant to all standard compressor oils.
  • Five different separation rates guarantee effective mechanical separation including oil vapour adsorption. Multi-coloured foam socks clearly define the respective filtration levels.


Tech Data

FeaturesCompressed air filter C 20Compressed air filter C 20
Air flow79m³/h
Input of connection port1/2"
Output of connection port1/2"
Operating pressure16bar