Compressed air filter P 10

2797 m³/h Flow capacity, for operating pressures up to 16 bar, separation filter, < 3 microns, Residual oil content < 5 ppm

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For bulk liquid removal plus a 3 micron coalescer (5 ppm w/w maximum remaining oil content).

The two stage filtration:
1st stage:
Two stainless steel orifice tubes provide 10 micron mechanical separation.
2nd stage: In depth fiber media captures solid and liquid particles to 3 microns.

  • Directly mounted differential pressure manometer with calibrated scale for precise calculation of operating costs.
  • All threaded ports on the housing for the intake/discharge of the compressed air meet exact capacity requirements.
  • Tie rods easily absorb the force of the differential pressure. The element is essentially not under stress. The filter element can be easily detached even after a long service life.
  • Automatic condensate separator is provided as standard for removal of the separated fluids. Level C filters are equipped with a manual drain.
  • Air filter housing with an additional epoxy resin coating on pretreated aluminium-chromium substrate provides long-life protection for the housing (inside and out). Resistant to all standard compressor oils.
  • Five different separation rates guarantee effective mechanical separation including oil vapour adsorption. Multi-coloured foam socks clearly define the respective filtration levels.


Tech Data

FeaturesCompressed air filter P 10Compressed air filter P 10
Air flow39m³/h
Input of connection port1/2"
Output of connection port1/2"
Operating pressure16bar