Condensate Drains Bekomat 13

For compressor capacities up to 90 m³/min

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No matter for what purpose you are using compressed air, it must always be of high and unvarying quality. This quality can be impaired by compressed air condensate.

Compressed-air condensate is unavoidable during the production of compressed air. It is often highly contaminated with oil and usually also contains dirt particles (such as rust) and other harmful substances. “Oil-free” condensate is particularly aggressive. Your primary target: removing and treating the condensate to ensure high quality compressed air. 

  • The intelligent control avoids unnecessary loss of compressed air, thus permitting considerable energy savings.
  • The connection to the compressed-air system is quite simple, because the inlet and outlet of the Bekomat unit are in alignment. Discharge can be arranged either through a hose or piping.
  • The non-wearing capacitive sensor registers every type of condensate – including pure oil. Condensate discharge is no problem even with heavily contaminated condensate.
  • The electronic system consists of an integrated power unit and a control with accessible 24 VDC direct current.
  • Constant self-monitoring guarantees maximum reliability. The current operating state is indicated by an LED display. All the operator’s elements and the electronic control are splash-proof and comply with IP65 protection rating.


Tech Data

FeaturesCondensate Drains Bekomat 13Condensate Drains Bekomat 13
Max. air flow30m³/min
Input of connection portG 1/2"
Output of connection portG 1/2"
Max. filter performance300m³/min
Max. dryer performance60m³/min
Operating pressure16bar
Min. ambient temperature1°C
Max. ambient temperature60°C