Battery charger HS 12-15M

High-frequency technology

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High-frequency technology – The new HS12-15M is a high-end battery charger for vehicle lifts and other workspaces. Charging is preset by default with charging curve IUoU.

  • Magnetic and mountable to all metallic surfaces
  • With fixed charging cable of 6 meter length
  • Fully automatic charging procedure
  • Made in Germany
  • Advanced high-frequency technology: For unlimited charge retention at the workspace during service and repair.
  • Fully automatic charging procedure: Gentle charging with automatic adjustment of the optimal charging current.
  • The processor-controlled processes prevent damage to the battery.
  • Suitable for all commonly available starter batteries: Wet, gel, fleece AGM, calcium, and Li-Ion
  • Handy high-frequency charger: The HS 12-15M impresses with its easy handling and safety against short circuits.
  • The HS12-15M charger with its magnet can be universally mounted to any metallic surface, thus making it easy to use in most of the workspaces.
  • Maximum flexibility: Charging cables with lengths of 6 m making it possible to reach the battery at any location in the vehicle.

Thanks to the built-in magnet, the HS12-15M battery charger can be easily mounted to any metallic surface.


Tech Data

FeaturesBattery charger HS 12-15MBattery charger HS 12-15M
Display and control unitKeyboard
Vehicle battery typeWET | GEL | AGM | Ca+/Ca- | LiFePO₄
Nominal charge voltage12V
Max. charging current15A
Characteristic lineIUoU
Cable length2m
Protection class20IP
Power cable length5,0m