Battery charger HS 12/24-120-20M

High frequency battery charger with multi-resonance converter technology 12 V 120 A / 24 V 60 A, touch display operation, 5 m mains cable, IUoU characteristic, backup mode when changing batteries, desulfation mode, adjustment of voltage in 12 V operation in 0,1 Volt steps | with 20 m battery charging cable

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This HS charging generation offers a wide range of functions suitable for 12 / 24 V. The 20 m long charging cable makes it particularly suitable for use in workplaces where the charger is to be located further away from the vehicle. The permanent supply of the specified current, which is particularly important for flashing the control units of new vehicle generations, can be guaranteed by these devices.

  • Multi-resonant converter technology
  • Constant power supply up to 120 A is guaranteed
  • Automatic charging voltage detection
  • Made in Germany
  • These battery chargers were specifically designed to meet the requirements of the workshops and OEM’s – and more.
  • Intuitive operation of the battery charger via Easy Touch Graphic Display
  • Support operation prevents data loss when changing the battery
  • Constant charging without voltage peaks for flashing control units
  • Multi-resonant converter technology for everyday professional workshop use
  • Desulfation mode for refreshing sulphated batteries
  • Adjusting the voltage in 12 V operation by steps of 0.1 V is possible
  • Deep-discharge soft start function from 0.5 V per cell (equivalent to 1/4 of the rated battery voltage)
  • The chargers have an automatic charging voltage detection function, which means that no adjustment of the charging voltage is necessary (12 / 24 V).
  • The battery chargers include battery charging cables with fully insulated charging clips.
  • Information and operation via the touch screen
  • Special feature: 20 m battery charging cable with diameter 2 x 35 mm²
  • Easy change of the charging cables via plug connection


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Tech Data

FeaturesBattery charger HS 12/24-120-20MBattery charger HS 12/24-120-20MBattery charger HS 12/24-120Battery charger HS 12/24-120Battery charger HS 12/24-120 RCBattery charger HS 12/24-120 RC
Display and control unitTouch displayTouch displayTouch display
Vehicle battery typeWET | MF | Ca+/Ca- | GEL | AGM | EFB | EFB+WET | GEL | AGM | Ca+/Ca- | LiFePO₄WET | MF | Ca+/Ca- | GEL | AGM | EFB | EFB+
Battery voltage (DC)12 / 24V--12 / 24V
Nominal charge voltage12 / 24V12 / 24V12 / 24V
Max. charging current120A120 / 60A120A
Characteristic lineIUoUIUoUIUoU
Max. operating temperature40°C--40°C
Cable length20m5m14m
Jumper cable length20m--14m
Jumper cable cross-section35mm²--35mm²
Protection class21IP21IP21IP