Battery charger HS 12/24-120 RC

High frequency battery charger with multi-resonance converter technology 12 V 120 A / 24 V 60 A, touch display operation by means of portable display, 5 m mains cable, IUoU characteristic curve, backup mode when changing batteries, desulfation mode, adjustment of voltage in 12 V operation in 0.1 volt steps | with 14 m battery charging cable and suitability for energy traffic lights thanks to portable display with 6 – 8 m cable

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Due to the operation with cable remote control, it is particularly suitable for use with energy lights. This HS charging generation offers a wide range of functions which are suitable for 12 / 24 V. The permanent supply of the specified current, which is particularly important for flashing the control units of new vehicle generations, can be guaranteed by these devices.

  • Multi-resonant converter technology
  • Constant power supply up to 120 A is guaranteed
  • Automatic charging voltage detection
  • Made in Germany
  • These battery chargers were specifically designed to meet the requirements of the workshops and OEM’s – and more.
  • Intuitive operation of the battery charger via Easy Touch Graphic Display
  • Support operation prevents data loss when changing the battery
  • Constant charging without voltage peaks for flashing control units
  • Multi-resonant converter technology for everyday professional workshop use
  • Desulfation mode for refreshing sulphated batteries
  • Adjusting the voltage in 12 V operation by steps of 0.1 V is possible
  • Deep-discharge soft start function from 0.5 V per cell (equivalent to 1/4 of the rated battery voltage)
  • The chargers have an automatic charging voltage detection function, which means that no adjustment of the charging voltage is necessary (12 / 24 V).
  • The battery chargers include battery charging cables with fully insulated charging clips.
  • Information and operation via the touch screen
  • 14 m battery charging cable with diameter 2 x 35 mm²
  • Integrated wall mount

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Tech Data

FeaturesBattery charger HS 12/24-120 RCBattery charger HS 12/24-120 RCBattery charger HS 12/24-120Battery charger HS 12/24-120
Display and control unitTouch displayTouch display
Vehicle battery typeWET | MF | Ca+/Ca- | GEL | AGM | EFB | EFB+WET | GEL | AGM | Ca+/Ca- | LiFePO₄
Battery voltage (DC)12 / 24V--
Nominal charge voltage12 / 24V12 / 24V
Max. charging current120A120 / 60A
Characteristic lineIUoUIUoU
Min. operating temperature°C--
Max. operating temperature40°C--
Cable length14m5m
Jumper cable length14m--
Jumper cable cross-section35mm²--
Protection class21IP21IP
Power cable length5m5,0m