Battery charger HS 12/24-50DR

High-frequency battery charger 12 V and 24 V with 50 A

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The battery charger HS12/24-50DR offers a wide range of technical possibilities. The HS12/24-50DR was specially designed in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry.

  • Multi-resonant converter technology
  • Permanent power supply of up to 50 A is ensured
  • Automatic charge voltage detection
  • Made in Germany
  • High-frequency battery charger with automatic IUoU charging characteristic for workshop use.
  • Intuitive operation of the battery charger with Easy-Touch graphic display.
  • The back-up mode prevents data loss when replacing the battery.
  • Permanent charging without voltage peaks for diagnostic work on vehicles.
  • Multi-resonant converter technology for daily professional workshop use.
  • Desulfation mode for refreshing sulfated batteries.
  • Deep discharge soft start function from 0.5 V per cell (equivalent to 1/4 of the rated battery voltage)
  • Automatic I-check of the battery to be charged: Automatic resumption when battery test has been passed, otherwise output of a time error
  • Battery charger with USB port for software updates in order to upload any new characteristic curves – this way the appliance is always up to date
  • Information and operation via the Easy-Touch graphic display
  • Wall bracket included
  • Easy to change the charging cable via plug connection


Tech Data

FeaturesBattery charger HS 12/24-50DRBattery charger HS 12/24-50DR
Display and control unitTouch display
Vehicle battery typeWET | GEL | AGM | Ca+/Ca- | LiFePO₄
Nominal charge voltage12 / 24V
Max. charging current50 / 50A
Characteristic lineIUoU
Cable length5m
Protection class21IP