Battery charger HS 12/24-50P

High frequency battery charging device 12 V and 24 V with 50 A, LEDs with key operation, 2 m power cable, IUoU characteristic | with 3 m battery charging cable

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This HS charger generation offers a wide range of chargers from 35 A up to 50 A, which are suitable for 12 / 24 V and especially for the workshop and showroom area. This generation of chargers is suitable for wet, gel, fleece, AGM, calcium and Li-Ion starter batteries.

  • Automatic charging voltage detection for 12 V and 24 V
  • Battery Quick Charger
  • Made in Germany
  • Robust, workshop-oriented casing
  • Status display via LEDS (HS12/24-35P and HS12/24-50P)
  • High quality, fully isolated charging clamps
  • This generation of chargers constantly delivers the displayed current, especially important during the control unit diagnosis for the new generation of vehicles.
  • This electron loading technology has been specially developed to fully meet the demands of workshops and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).
  • All electron charging devices have battery charging cables with fully isolated charging clamps.
  • Secure charging by short circuit and reverse polarity protection.
  • Comfortable battery charging and care thanks to the processor-supported IUoU characteristic.


Tech Data

FeaturesBattery charger HS 12/24-50PBattery charger HS 12/24-50P
Display and control unitMembrane keyboard
Vehicle battery typeWET | GEL | AGM | Ca+/Ca- | LiFePO₄
Nominal charge voltage12 / 24V
Max. charging current50 / 50A
Characteristic lineIUoU
Cable length3m
Protection class21IP
Power cable length2,0m