BLITZ Professional MASTER Module MS

In metal control cabinet with black front installation frame Compressor management system for up to 16 compressors

Category: MPN: 125426GTIN (EAN): 4057612685626

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  • 8 further connection modules for:
    • 16 external analog sensors
    • 24 external digital inputs for fault or running messages from compressed air dryer, filter, condensate drain etc. incl. control program for 2 regulated compressors
  • Compressed air visualization (web server)
    • prepared for remote control, incl. pressure transmitter, up to 52 analog inputs
    • Network connection (RJ45), 4 x RS-485 interfaces, 1 GB data memory
  • 4 Klöckner-Moeller key switch with inscription for: Compressors Start/Stop, -Manual, -Switch clock “ON”, -Programming enable