TWIN piston compressor, mobile Airmobil 401/50-10 230V

10 bar, 50 l, 1-stage, alternating current

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Especially for the workshop and construction site – but also in other areas with a demand for high, effective delivery quantities there are various versions with electric, gasoline or diesel engine available. The proven 2-stage design also offers TWIN high performance technology in the mobile range. For the budget-conscious user we offer one-stage versions.

  • Premium piston compressors – made by Blitz
  • Versions with electric, gasoline or diesel engine
  • With ergonomic handle and rubber tires
  • Powerful compressed air aftercoolers provide low compressed air outlet temperatures for all TWIN piston compressors as a standard. The effort for further compressed air preparation is thus greatly reduced.
  • TWIN piston compressors are almost consistently manufactured in an elaborate 2-stage design. Low thermal and mechanical loads lead to an overall much better efficiency and an energy saving of approx. 25%.
  • BLITZ TWIN piston compressors are manufactured to a high standard of quality. This includes the use of IP 54 rated electric motors with ISO F winding. Sufficient dimensioning guarantees power reserves in any case.
  • The low speed and the large swept volume of the TWIN piston compressors (on average approx. 1000 rpm for V-belt-driven systems) guarantee a long service life, low wear, maximum smoothness and high efficiency.
  • Interior views: The “heart” of each TWIN compressor in cross-section.
  • Maintenance-free reed valves: The combination valve plates for 2-stage compression excel through their long service life and energy-saving efficiency.
  • Belt guard made of sturdy two-piece metal mesh. Thus, a belt change is easily possible.

1.) Optional pressure reducer
2.) Blitz special compressor oil for piston compressors
3.) Flexible 10 m hose for pressure tank


Tech Data

FeaturesTWIN piston compressor, mobile Airmobil 401/50-10 230VTWIN piston compressor, mobile Airmobil 401/50-10 230V
Compressor designmovable
Pressure vesselstandard
Power pack designPiston
Pressure vessel capacity50l
Cylinder count2
Pressure stages1
Free air delivery275l/min
Suction capacity400l/min
Compressor speed1300rpm
Input of connection portDN 7
Output of connection portDN 7
Max. operating pressure10bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Noise level without acoustic hood77dB(A)
Length without acoustic hood1080mm
Width without acoustic hood400mm
Height without acoustic hood800mm
Weight without acoustic hood83kg
Driving power2,2kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz
Noise level77dB(A)