TWIN piston compressor, mobile Kitty II

15 bar, 6 l, 2 stage, with horizontal air receiver

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TWIN piston compressors from BLITZ offer performance and first-class workmanship at an attractive price for all compressed air users with high standards and daily application needs.
TWIN-KITTY II: A high-pressure piston compressor with a maximum pressure of 15 bar, that finds its ideal areas of application in the putty injection, constriction of lines, filling of forklift tires etc.

  • Compact piston compressor with a maximum pressure of 15 bar
  • Portable via ergonomic handle
  • Compressed air supply with a 6 l filling capacity
  • BLITZ TWIN piston compressors are manufactured to a high standard of quality. This includes the use of IP 54 rated electric motors with ISO F winding. Sufficient dimensioning guarantees power reserves in any case.
  • Powerful compressed air aftercoolers provide low compressed air outlet temperatures for all TWIN piston compressors as standard. The effort for further compressed air preparation is thus greatly reduced.
  • TWIN piston compressors are almost consistently manufactured in an elaborate design. Low thermal and mechanical loads lead to an overall much better efficiency and an energy saving of approx. 25%.
  • Anti-slip rubber feet ensure secure footing of the compressor
  • The high-quality industrial pressure switch ensures stable pressure switching points
  • The low speed and the large swept volume of the TWIN piston compressors guarantee a long service life, low wear and tear, maximum smoothness and high efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free reed valves: The combination valve plates for 2-stage compression excel through their long service life and energy-saving efficiency.

• Blitz special compressor oil for piston compressors
• Flexible 10 m hose for pressure tank


Tech Data

FeaturesTWIN piston compressor, mobile Kitty IITWIN piston compressor, mobile Kitty II
Compressor designportable
Pressure vesselstandard
Power pack designPiston
Pressure vessel designhorizontal
Pressure vessel capacity6l
Cylinder count2
Pressure stages2
Free air delivery95l/min
Suction capacity160l/min
Compressor speed1400rpm
Input of connection portDN 7
Output of connection portDN 7
Max. operating pressure15bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Noise level without acoustic hood76dB(A)
Length without acoustic hood450mm
Width without acoustic hood350mm
Height without acoustic hood350mm
Weight without acoustic hood22kg
Driving power1,8kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz
Noise level76dB(A)