TWIN piston compressor, mobile Maximat Pro 2-19-10

10 bar, 2 x 9,5 l, 1 stage, on horizontal double air receiver

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TWIN piston compressors from BLITZ offer performance and first-class workmanship at an attractive price for all compressed air users with high standards and daily application needs.
TWIN-MAXIMAT PRO: Ideal for the daily-changing construction site. The special frame, in conjunction with its low weight, allows easy and especially tilt-proof transport in the trunk of a car or the like.

  • TWIN high performance technology for the daily changing construction site
  • Piston compressor with low weight
  • With ergonomic handle and rubber tires
  • Handy storage aid for tools
  • Fully protected: A sturdy tube frame protects all sensitive components of the compressor
  • Pneumatic tires and anti-slip rubber feet prevent damage to high-quality floors on site
  • Twin pressure tank: The special design provides a particularly low center of gravity of the compressor. This effectively prevents tilting and increases the pressure tank contents.
  • Ready for connection and usage: The compressor is equipped with all necessary accessories as a standard – just connect the cable, done!
  • High quality compressed air unit: The robust construction and high efficiency ensure a long service life of the compressor.
  • The low speed and the large swept volume of TWIN piston compressors guarantee a long service life, low wear, maximum smoothness and high efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free reed valves: The combination valve plates for the compression excel through their long service life and energy-saving efficiency.
  • The integrated pressure regulator allows for the setting of an ideal operating pressure.

• Blitz special compressor oil for piston compressors
• Flexible 10 m hose for pressure tank


Tech Data

FeaturesTWIN piston compressor, mobile Maximat Pro 2-19-10TWIN piston compressor, mobile Maximat Pro 2-19-10
Compressor designmovable
Pressure vesselstandard
Power pack designPiston
Pressure vessel designhorizontal
Pressure vessel capacity2 x 9,5l
Cylinder count2
Pressure stages1
Free air delivery240l/min
Suction capacity350l/min
Compressor speed1400rpm
Input of connection portDN 7
Output of connection portDN 7
Max. operating pressure10bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Noise level without acoustic hood78dB(A)
Length without acoustic hood610mm
Width without acoustic hood770mm
Height without acoustic hood540mm
Weight without acoustic hood78kg
Driving power2kW
Power supply230 V | 50 Hz
Noise level78dB(A)