TWIN piston compressor Powerstation SLZ 800/90

Compact energy station to generate compressed air and electricity, drive system via diesel engine, incl. electric starter – 12 bar, 90 l, 2-stage

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TWIN piston compressors from BLITZ offer power capacity and heavy duty performance at an attractive price.  For all compressed air users with high demands and daily application needs.

The new TWIN Powerstation is a mobile all-rounder. Driven by a water-cooled diesel engine, the TWIN Powerstation generates both compressed air and electricity. Several electrical outlets as well as two hose rewinders are available for consumers. The perfect companion for service vehicles.

  • Universal connection: 2 hose rewinders 3/8” (21m); 1/2” (16m) and 2 electrical outlets 2kVA (230/50); 6kVA (400/50) ensure perfect connection of all consumers on location
  • Powerful diesel engine with electric starter: The water-cooled diesel engine comes with an external 22-liter tank and can be started on the push of a button via the integrated electric starter (external 44Ah starter battery standard).
  • 2 Stage design: Almost all the TWIN piston compressors are manufactured with the special 2-stage design.  Low thermal and mechanical load leads to much higher efficiency and ca. 25% energy conservation.
  • Generators from reputable manufacturers: TWIN piston compressors are produced to a level of high quality. This includes the application of IP 54 tested electric motors with ISO F-winding. Naturally attention is paid to the sufficient dimensioning – with power reserve just in case.
  • Low compressor speed: TWIN piston compressors: that means large working volume with low compressor speed (in average only 895 rpm for V-belt driven compressors). A guarantor for long lifetime, low wear, quiet-running and high efficiency.
  • Maintenance-free segment valves: The multi-purpose valve plates for 2-stage compression prove themselves by their long-life and energy-saving efficiency.



Tech Data

FeaturesTWIN piston compressor Powerstation SLZ 800/90TWIN piston compressor Powerstation SLZ 800/90
Compressor designstationary
Pressure vesselstandard
Power pack designPiston
Pressure vessel designhorizontal
Pressure vessel capacity90l
Cylinder count2
Pressure stages2
Free air delivery600l/min
Suction capacity800l/min
Max. operating pressure12bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Driving power12,5kW
Power supply230/400 V | 50 Hz