VERSA piston compressor DZHS 400/350

15 bar, 350 l, 2 stage, on vertical air receiver

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VERSA series compressors impress with technology in perfection. Technology that proves itself in continuous operation on a daily basis. VERSA compressors are characterized by a powerful belt drive.

  • Energy-efficient motors – IE3 class
  • Energy savings of up to 25% via 2-stage compression
  • Ideal for industrial applications
  • Made in Germany – made by Blitz
  • Elaborate plateau honing of the cylinders: The special nature of the cylinder surface with a particularly high bearing capacity and defined oil retention volume ensures low piston ring wear and minimizes oil consumption.
  • Maintenance-free reed valves: Simple design, complex in performance. Two factors that lead to long service life of our VERSA piston compressors.
  • With the optional fully galvanized pressure vessel, you can significantly increase the longevity and thus the value of your VERSA piston compressor.
  • Compressed air aftercooler: Powerful aftercoolers or intermediate coolers in copper tube or aluminum honeycomb designs, ensure low compressed air outlet temperatures for all VERSA piston compressors as a standard. The effort for further compressed air preparation is thus greatly reduced.
  • Electric motors of well-known manufacturers: BLITZ VERSA piston compressors are manufactured to a high standard of quality. This includes the use of high-grade IP 54 rated electric motors with ISO F winding. For continuous operation and high switching frequency.
  • Freestanding, finely ribbed cast-iron cylinders: This type of arrangement guarantees a maximum cooling surface. The basis for very low operating temperatures and highest efficiency. VERSA piston compressors can therefore be used without any problems even under extreme operating conditions.
  • Pressure vessel with hand hole (manufactured according to AD2000): The service-friendly design of the VERSA pressure vessel with integrated hand hole minimizes the effort of recurring TÜV (technical inspection agency) inspections and facilitates its cleaning.
  • Crankshafts with an extra-large journal diameter: The generous dimensioning of the crankshaft journals reduces the specific load on the connecting rod bearings and provides a bearing service life that meets the high demands of permanent industrial cooperation.
  • Crankcase: The production of crankcases on state-of-the-art computerized machining centers guarantees optimum dimensional accuracy.
  • Low speed: VERSA piston compressors represent a large swept volume at low speed. A guarantee for a long service life, low wear, maximum smoothness and high efficiency.
  • Star-delta connection fully wired (for wall mounting). Due to the assembly and functional testing in the factory, the otherwise customary costs for on-site installation are completely eliminated. A major benefit compared to loosely supplied ”control kits”.


  • Refrigerant type dryer for effective preparation of the compressed air. Dry compressed air without corrosive water content is the foundation for an economical compressed air station.
  • Filter – effectively releases the compressed air from solid particles. A variety of filter combinations allow using the compressor in many different application environments.
  • Oil water separator – the cost-effective preparation of condensate. Only the oil fractions need to be disposed of, whereas the water may be drained into the sewage system.
  • Condensation drain in an electronic, level controlled design for fully automatic dewatering of compressed air reservoirs.

DZ/DZH compact and easy to maintain on horizontal pressure vessel.

The compact design of the VERSA piston compressors on a horizontal pressure vessel results in a high level of serviceability. All assemblies are located directly on the pressure vessel and are thus easily accessible. In addition, the wide range of vessel sizes from 250 to 1500 liters meets the requirements of almost every application environment. Our tip: Opt for the larger pressure vessel. This reduces the switching frequency of the compressor and increases the reserves for short-term peaks in the compressed air requirement.

GZ/GZH For the modular design with a separate pressure vessel or the extension of existing systems
Figure shows: on plate GZH 1000

Modular – Would you like to get a customized compressed air system? Or do you want to adapt your existing compressor to current needs? Individual solutions require individual products. The modular VERSA base plate systems provide the best possible conditions for this.

DZS/DZHS The performance package on a vertical pressure vessel
Figure shows: DZS/DZHS 760-500

Space-efficient – For all compressed air users who do not want to sacrifice great performance despite a minimum of space requirement. On a side note, the capacity of the pressure vessels for all VERSA piston compressors is precisely aligned with the unit’s respective delivery quantity.

VERSA: The high-performance compressor with exceptional efficiency and long service life – specifically designed for highest industrial demands and duty cycles of 100%. The wide range of applications of the VERSA piston compressors is the reason for the large variety of products. BLITZ VERSA piston compressors are also available in oil-free versions as well as high-pressure and after-pressure compressors.

TWIN: The powerful compressor for compressed air applications with high standards on a daily basis. The wide range of applications of the TWIN piston compressors is the reason for the large variety of products. TWIN piston compressors come in oil-lubricated and oil-free versions.

The construction of compressors has a long tradition at Blitz. With nearly 100 years of experience in compressed air and highly dedicated employees, we focus on designing and implementing new compressor and compressed-air conditioning technologies.
Innovative ideas, professional implementation and convincing product quality have established the outstanding reputation of Blitz compressors and predominantly ensure one goal: Satisfied costumers!
The right offer for your needs: Based on your compressed air requirements, Blitz compressors assembles the right installations and systems in the optimum combination for you.



Tech Data

FeaturesVERSA piston compressor DZHS 400/350VERSA piston compressor DZHS 400/350
Compressor designstationary
Pressure vesselstandard
Power pack designPiston
Pressure vessel designvertical
Pressure vessel capacity350l
Cylinder count2
Pressure stages2
Free air delivery325l/min
Suction capacity400l/min
Compressor speed950rpm
Input of connection port1/2"
Output of connection port1/2"
Max. operating pressure15bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Noise level without acoustic hood73dB(A)
Length without acoustic hood700mm
Width without acoustic hood1000mm
Height without acoustic hood2000mm
Weight without acoustic hood270kg
Noise level with acoustic hood68dB(A)
Length with acoustic hood750mm
Width with acoustic hood1100mm
Height with acoustic hood2350mm
Weight with acoustic hood325kg
Driving power3kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz