Compressed air-refrigerant dryer BT 312-14

312 m³/h flow capacity, for operating pressures of up to 14 bar

Category: MPN: 115004GTIN (EAN): 4057612148404

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BT-series compressed air-refrigerant dryers present a reliable, cost-effective and, above all, simple solution. This range unites exceptional benefits into a successful concept. The focal points of development were concentrated on optimum security, the lowest possible operating expenses, compact design and environmental compatibility.

  • Air/Air and Refrigerant/Air heat exchanger
  • Lowest differential pressure
  • Standard with electronic level-controlled steam trap
  • Includes potential-free contact
  • Maximum heat transfer by means of air-air heat exchanger: This has a direct impact on reduction of energy consumption.
  • Vertically arranged stainless steel demister for secure separation. Wet compressed air is directed to the automatic steam trap.
  • The generously sized cross sections of the flow channels in the heat exchanger result in low flow rates and low energy demands
  • A high-volume settling chamber prevents the carrying away of condensation.
  • The exchange of heat in the countercurrent and generous dimensions permit complete evaporation of the refrigerant.
  • Standard with electronic level-controlled steam trap
  • Air/Air and Refrigerant/Air heat exchanger including demister integrated in single casing to save space
  • Potential-free contact integrated in the controls as standard


Tech Data

FeaturesCompressed air-refrigerant dryer BT 312-14Compressed air-refrigerant dryer BT 312-14
Air flow312m³/h
Input of connection portG 1 1/4"
Output of connection portG 1 1/4"
Operating pressure14bar
Surface coatingPowder coated
Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption0,93kW