Energy-saving compressed air refrigerant dryer BT 138 ES

138 m³/h flow capacity, for operating pressures of up to 14 bar

Category: MPN: 126624GTIN (EAN): 4057612704358

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Intelligent control strategy adjust the energy requirements of the compressed air refrigeration dryer BT ES/VS directly to the compressed air flow rate, thereby significantly reducing energy demand.
The BT 21 – 960 ES models operate as cycling dryers, where the coolant compressor is turned off as required. The intelligent cycling system operates, depending on the drying needs, and is regulated so as to ensure optimum extension of off-times.
The BT 1260 – 8800 VS models reach high energy savings with fluctuating drying requirements by using a unique combination of frequency and downtime control.

  • Percentage-based energy conservation display
  • Potential-free contact for alarm transmission
  • Standard with electronic level-controlled steam trap
  • Energy requirements are adjusted on the basis of dryer capacity. The BT-ES models are controlled on the basis of the operating cycle by switching on and off of the refrigerant compressor, BT-VS models via frequency regulation of the refrigerant compressor and of the ventilator.
  • Maximum heat transmission via air-air heat exchanger: This has a direct effect on energy consumption reduction.
  • Vertically-arranged stainless steel demister for safe separation. Wet compressed air is directed to the automatic steam trap.
  • The generously sized cross sections of the flow channels in the heat exchanger result in low flow rates and low energy demands.
  • A high-volume settling chamber prevents the carrying away of condensation.
  • The exchange of heat in the countercurrent and generous dimensions permit complete evaporation of the refrigerant.
  • Use of environmentally-friendly coolants: FCKW-free in accordance with the F-Gas Regulation.
  • Standard equipped with electronic level-controlled steam trap, discharge of air pressure condensate without loss of air pressure
  • Air/Air and Refrigerant/Air heat exchanger including demister integrated in single casing to save space
  • Intelligent adjustment of dryer performance to air pressure consumption, as well as of the entry and environmental conditions, permits optimum energy conservation, shown as a percentage on the control unit Display.


Tech Data

FeaturesEnergy-saving compressed air refrigerant dryer BT 138 ESEnergy-saving compressed air refrigerant dryer BT 138 ES
Air flow138m³/h
Input of connection port1"
Output of connection port1"
Operating pressure14bar
Surface coatingPowder coated
Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption0,46kW