Air Stations MONSUN 15 S

10 bar, 500 l, on horizontal air receiver

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The possible applications of MONSUM screw compressors are almost unlimited and as individual as the available designs. Even the small MONSUN with 4 kW motor rating has the potential of a top performer. The design features and advantages are consistently apparent in all MONSUN models, e.g. the integrated oil sump, the maintenance-friendly openness to all sides and the PROCON control system.

  • Soundless: Due to numerous detailed flow dynamic engineering solutions, the operating noise is reduced to a minimum – as a standard.
  • Two-stage suction filtering: The entry of foreign bodies is prevented by a cyclone separator with a succeeding fine filter.
  • Equipped for the future: Different pressures can be achieved due to the flexible belt drive. In addition, this facilitates smooth starting, absorbing the ensuing starting torques effectively.
  • Drive with reserves: MONSUN screw compressors are manufactured to high standards of quality. This includes the use of IP55 tested motors. The ISO F winding, designed to ISO B, provides power reserves for the worst case.
  • Infinite suction control: The use of hard anodised surfaces guarantees the highest durability and control capability. No adjustments are required for BLITZ suction regulators. In conjunction with the optional, proportional controller, a smooth adjustment to the compressed air demand can also be achieved.
  • Integrated oil sump: Reliably prevents the unintended escape of used oil to the environment. A supplied hose additionally shortens the time required for necessary oil changes.
  • Three-stage air/oil separation: A cyclone separator, a gravity separator and a filter produce an excellent air quality with a residual oil content of approx. 2 mg/m³.
  • Visual oil level indicator: Regular oil checks are often neglected because they are difficult to perform. MONSUN screw compressors provide a clear view in this respect.
  • External fine separator: Generously proportioned fine separator inserts reduce undesired, internal pressure losses. They can be changed in just seconds.
  • Open in all respects: All side sections are removable in the screw compressors of the MONSUN series. This literally makes child’s play out of maintenance work and reduces stoppage times to a minimum.
  • Compact aluminium cooler: The composite design unifies oil and air cooling in a single assembly. Cleaning is made particularly easy by the maintenance-friendly arrangement.
  • Permanently piped: You won’t find risky hose connections in BLITZ screw compressors. The novel FLEX piping guarantees a firm attachment in all situations.
  • Operating pressures up to 15 bar: The rugged, modular construction of the MONSUN screw compressors makes designs possible from 7.5 to 15 bar.

Screw compressors of the MONSUN series are equipped as a standard with an integrated microprocessor control system. PROCON unifies the simplest operation with extraordinary performance features. All settings can be made conveniently on a control panel. Numerous operating modes allow an optimum adjustment to the existing operating conditions.

  • An integrated diagnostic system monitors all safety-relevant operating parameters.
  • System self-test before each start.
  • Service messages indicate outstanding maintenance work (service interval function).
  • Automatic start-up after power failures – When the final pressure has been reached, PROCON calculates the actually required run-on time. This saves up to 60 % of energy costs in idle operation.
  • The pressure sensor ensures precise operation in the adjusted pressure range (pressure differences of 0.2 bar are possible).
  • The motor only runs when necessary in automatic mode. Galvanically isolated contacts make connection to a master control system possible.
  • Switchable remote and local operation.
  • Electronic base-load change-over function regulated via second pressure band (optional).


Tech Data

FeaturesAir Stations MONSUN 15 SAir Stations MONSUN 15 S
Compressor designstationary
Pressure vesselstandard
Refrigerant dryerstandard
Power pack designScrew with V-belt
Pressure vessel designhorizontal
Pressure vessel capacity500l
Air flow2,08m³/min
Input of connection port1"
Output of connection port1"
Max. operating pressure10bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Corrosion preventingUltra High Solid Primer (UHS)
Noise level without acoustic hood73dB(A)
Length without acoustic hood750mm
Width without acoustic hood1900mm
Height without acoustic hood1790mm
Noise level with acoustic hood68dB(A)
Length with acoustic hood1150mm
Width with acoustic hood1900mm
Height with acoustic hood1990mm
Driving power15kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz