3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.3L | Large version

3D wheel aligner with wall-mounted panel | Bluetooth data transmission | incl. 3-point clamps with handy hooks, charging stations for 3D measuring heads and batteries fitted with magnets

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AllOnWall Series – Wheel alignment at highest level

  • Space-saving design: No console, data transfer tower or PC needed
  • Fully wireless: communication via Bluetooth connection
  • Accurate precision: upgraded 3D measuring heads with HQ resolution

The AllOnWall series allows you to have all that is necessary for performing wheel alignment operations to be placed on a convenient wall-mounted panel, in this way freeing up useful space in the workshop. All alignment activities can be controlled from a 10″ tablet that the operator can carry with him or place on the lifter during adjustment thanks to the built-in magnets. The aligner boasts a well-tested measuring head technology with HD cameras and Real 3D target that is fully wireless with Bluetooth transmission.

  • Quick and accurate measurement. The 3D measuring heads instantly read all vehicle angles with maximum precision.
    • LCD display for primary information
    • Five keys for software navigation, also remote controllable
    • 5MP resolution for measurement and compensation of the lifting platform level
    • Remote control function
    • LED repeaters to assist recording
    • Only one head installation position to measure different wheelbase vehicles
    • Weight 3 kg
  • Built-in head with rubber protection and handle with plastic protection.
  • Quick connection with pivoting coupling system to prevent damage in case of obstacles while descending.
  • Battery with quick release system.
  • The battery charge lasts 8 hours to permit extended full day activity.
  • The charging stations are fitted with magnets so that the batteries can be positioned precisely while always indicating proper charging operation also due to the LED indicator.
  • 10″ Tablet extremely light in weight although with a sturdy design and time-resistant.
    • Resistant to falls up to 76 cm
    • Dust- and water-resistant (IP52)
    • Complete with adhesive magnets
    • Rounded edges to ensure greater sturdiness
    • 64 GB memory
    • Display 800 x 1280
    • Camera front 2 MP + camera rear 5 MP
    • Weighs less than 700 g
  • Two types of clamps available:
    • Set of 4 self-centring 3-point clamps requiring no compensation. (Equipped with a rapid movement system and ABS claws; no metal on metal contact.)
    • Set of 4 self-centring 4-point clamps + Optional: STDA38K allows you to avoid run out compensation.
  • The 3D targets installed on the clamps are extremely lightweight, maintenance-free and have no electronic components.
  • Thanks to the Real 3D targets, combined with the supporting 3- and 4-point clamps, the run out compensation procedure can be skipped to speed up the operator’s activity and maximize workshop efficiency.
  • The iconic Rotary logo comes to life thanks to a LED backlit panel.
  • Compatible with the TEq-Link system.
  • Internet connection to
    • Sending of results to customers.
    • Remote assistance.
  • More efficient workshop in terms of space and operations:
    • NO OBSTACLE: Maximization of the available workspace
    • RAPID WORK: Always perfect transmission signal
    • MINIMUM EFFORT: No run out compensation
    • NO LIMITS: One aligner for multiple working bays
  • Charging stations for two batteries fitted with magnets
  • Tablet with 10″ 800 x 1280 multi-touch display’ complete with adhesive magnets. Rechargeable on the panel
  • 3D measuring heads storage housing equipped with rubber impact-resistant matting
  • 3-point clamps supports with handy hooks fitted with impact-resistance rubber
  • Console – Weighs less than 14 kg


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Tech Data

Features3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.3L | Large version3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.3L | Large version3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.3S | Light version3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.3S | Light version3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.4S | Light version3D wheel aligner ROT3D2.0WALL.4S | Light version
Individual toe front/rear axle+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°
Total toe+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°
Toe-out on turns+/- 20°+/- 20°+/- 20°
Camber front/rear axle+/- 10°+/- 10°+/- 10°
Caster+/- 18°+/- 18°+/- 18°
SAI+/- 18°+/- 18°+/- 18°
Set-back+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°
Set-back front axle+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°
Geometric centre line+/- 5°+/- 5°+/- 5°
Thrust angle± 10°± 10°± 10°
Steering angle max.+/- 50°+/- 50°+/- 50°
Tyre size minimum8"8"8"
Tyre size maximum24"24"24"
Wheel diameter max.910mm910mm910mm
Max. wheel base4500mm4500mm4500mm
Hardware versionTabletTabletTablet
Display designdigitaldigitaldigital
Display size10"10"10"
Network compatibleYesYesYes
Data transmission typecordlesscordlesscordless
Measuring system3D3D3D