3D wheel aligner SPEED32 L.4

3D wheel aligner with wireless HQ 3D measuring heads and Bluetooth data communication | incl. self-centering 4-point clamps, 22″ TFT display, open cabinet and turntables | RAL 7040

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SPEED32 Series – The New Power of 3D Aligners

  • Accurate precision: measuring heads powered by HQ resolution
  • Flexibility of use: enclosure with flexibility in movement and extremely small and lightweight 3D measuring heads
  • Smart technology: intuitive software

The SPEED32 series is the second generation of Rotary 3D wheel aligners. Its innovative system of totally wireless 3D cameras with Bluetooth transmission can be used on different types of lifts thanks to its automatic flatness compensation. Its compact size also makes it suitable for those workshops having limited space.

  • System integrated with lift: System with 3D measuring heads directly connected to the lift, in this way eliminating the space occupied by the tower in front of the lift.
  • More efficient workshop in terms of space and operations:
    • No Obstacle – Maximization of the available workspace
    • Minimum effort – Run out compensation not required
    • Rapid work – Fast acquisition of vehicle alignment data
    • No limits – One aligner for multiple working bays
  • Built-in head with rubber protection and handle with plastic protection.
  • Rapid pivoting coupling system to the lift to pre-vent damage in the case of obstacles in descent.
  • Battery with quick release system.
  • Dedicated hooks for storing the 3D measuring heads.
  • Smart card and USB pen drive access. Easy access to the smart card to quickly update the data bank and USB pen drive for saving and restoring customer data.
  • Management software and display in Windows environment, always connected with the Wi-fi USB flash drive. Simple and intuitive thanks to high resolution graphics.
  • Quick and accurate measurement: The 3D measuring heads instantly read all vehicle angles with maximum precision.
  • Features of the 3D measuring heads:
    • LCD display for primary information
    • Five keys for software navigation, also remote controllable
    • Remote control function
    • LED repeaters to assist recording
    • 5MP resolution for measurement and compensation of the lifting platform level
    • Only one head installation position to measure different wheelbase vehicles
    • Weight 3 kg
  • The real 3d targets – Extremely lightweight, maintenance-free and have no electronic components.
  • International data bank with vehicle technical data sheets and possibility to create a customer data bank for adjustment recording
  • Compatible with system TEq-Link
  • Internet connection
    • Sending results to the customers
    • Remote assistance
  • The battery charge lasts 8 hours, to permit extended full day activity.
  • Thanks to the Real 3D targets, combined with the supporting 4-point clamps, the run out compensation procedure can be skipped to speed up the operator’s activity and maximize workshop efficiency.
  • Set of 4 self-centering 4-point clamps + STDA38K allows you to avoid run out compensation (Optional for self-centering 4-point clamps).


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Tech Data

Features3D wheel aligner SPEED32 L.43D wheel aligner SPEED32 L.43D wheel aligner SPEED32 L.33D wheel aligner SPEED32 L.3
ASA livestreamnot possiblenot possible
asanetworknot possiblenot possible
Individual toe front/rear axle+/- 20°+/- 20°
Total toe+/- 20°+/- 20°
Toe-out on turns+/- 20°+/- 20°
Camber front/rear axle+/- 10°+/- 10°
Caster+/- 18°+/- 18°
SAI+/- 18°+/- 18°
Set-back+/- 5°+/- 5°
Set-back front axle+/- 5°+/- 5°
Geometric centre line+/- 5°+/- 5°
Thrust angle+/- 5°+/- 5°
Steering angle max.+/- 50°+/- 50°
Tyre size minimum8"8"
Tyre size maximum24"24"
Wheel diameter max.910mm910mm
Max. wheel base4500mm4500mm
Display designdigitaldigital
Display size22"22"
Network compatibleYesYes
Data transmission typecordlesscordless
Measuring system3D3D
Sensor count4Piece(s)4Piece(s)
Load capacity per turntable1000kg1000kg
Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz