Wheel aligner BUTD2.0WIFI | Standard

Tablet-controlled CCD wheel aligner of the latest generation with four-point clamp and data transmission via Wi-Fi

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Tablet-controlled CCD Wheel Aligner

The wheel aligner system BU TD2.0WIFI is a new conception of the CCD wheel alignment technology. It boasts advanced tablet control and a new design regarding the measurement sensors.

  • Compatible Bluetooth sensors
  • Complete tablet control
  • Space-saving wall installation
  • Turn table for rolling compensation elements
  • Self-centring 4-point clamps for quick and precise measurement
  • Rolling compensation monitored by electronic encoder
  • Tablet with rugged housing and magnetic supports
  • An image of the vehicle can be added to the print
  • Integrated spoiler program
  • The system will be fully pre-assembled so it can be put into service quickly
  •  8-sensor CCD technology for complete vehicle measurement
  • Wall-mounted panel with charging function for all components
  • The software is available in a new version and with adjustment aids so work is rapid and efficient
  • The acoustic aid facilitates vehicle adjustment in tight spaces
  • Compact and lightweight measurement sensors
  • Hi-tech design
  • Extremely lightweight tablet with a sturdy and spray-resistant design (IP52)


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    Tech Data

    FeaturesWheel aligner BUTD2.0WIFI | StandardWheel aligner BUTD2.0WIFI | StandardWheel aligner BUTD2.0WIFI | PremiumWheel aligner BUTD2.0WIFI | Premium
    ASA livestreamoptionaloptional
    Rollback compensationstandardstandard
    Individual toe front/rear axle+/- 20°+/- 20°
    Total toe+/- 20°+/- 20°
    Toe-out on turns+/- 20°+/- 20°
    Camber front/rear axle+/- 10°+/- 10°
    Caster+/- 18°+/- 18°
    SAI+/- 18°+/- 18°
    Set-back+/- 5°+/- 5°
    Set-back front axle+/- 5°+/- 5°
    Geometric centre line+/- 5°+/- 5°
    Thrust angle+/- 5°+/- 5°
    Steering angle max.°°
    Tyre size minimum8"8"
    Tyre size maximum24"24"
    Wheel diameter max.760mm760mm
    Max. wheel base4500mm4500mm
    Min. track width480mm480mm
    Max. track width760mm760mm
    Display designdigitaldigital
    Display size10"10"
    Network compatibleYesYes
    Data transmission typecordlesscordless
    Measuring systemCCDCCD
    Sensor count8Piece(s)8Piece(s)
    Load capacity per turntable1000kg1000kg
    Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz
    Weight2 x 15kg2 x 15kg