Wheel aligner SPEED6080WS

CCD wheel aligner with wireless radio measuring heads and four-point wheel brackets. Data transmission via radio

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The SPEED6080WS wheel alignment system offers an excellently balanced package of price and performance. In addition to an impressive measuring accuracy and stability, the equipment impresses with its compactness and the resulting low space requirement.

  • CCD 8 sensor technology
  • Simple operation with the highest possible precision
  • Unbeatable balance of price and performance
  • The system is wirelessly mounted and thus prevents the risk of tripping
  • CCD 8 sensor technology for all-round measurement of the vehicles
  • Standard carriage with monitor, control unit and an integrated charging station
  • Extensive user-friendly software with pre-installed vehicle database
  • Linking to driver assistance systems possible
  • Optional ASA network capability
  • Rotary disk included
  • 4-point wheel bracket for quick measurement (here with wheel grippers)
  • Rolling or raised compensation
  • Remote control possible via sensors


  • Steering wheel and brake pedal locking device (included).
  • Level and height measurement (option)
  • Remote display app on a mobile device (option with Wi-Fi connection)
  • Shoot & GO database (option)
  • Adaptation of driver assistance systems (option)
  • Rotary disk with compensating elements (option)



Tech Data

FeaturesWheel aligner SPEED6080WSWheel aligner SPEED6080WS
ASA livestreamoptional
Rollback compensationstandard
Individual toe front/rear axle+/- 20°
Total toe+/- 20°
Toe-out on turns+/- 20°
Camber front/rear axle+/- 10°
Caster+/- 18°
SAI+/- 18°
Set-back+/- 5°
Set-back front axle+/- 5°
Geometric centre line+/- 5°
Thrust angle+/- 5°
Steering angle max.+/- 50°
Tyre size minimum8"
Tyre size maximum24"
Wheel diameter max.760mm
Max. wheel base4500mm
Max. track width2500mm
Display designdigital
Display size19"
Network compatibleYes
Data transmission typecordless
Measuring systemCCD
Sensor count2
Load capacity per turntable1000kg
Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz