2-Cylinder Inground Lift VAS 782001

3,5 t, with galvanised and aluminium-plated (aluminium chequer sheet) tracks, with 4 halogen lights integrated inside the platforms, on and off switch functionality for raising and lowering, including 4 rubber bases 70 mm, 4 x drive-on limiting, 1 x cross brace for optionally connecting platforms together and 4 x drive-on wedges length 400 mm

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Inground lifts with drive surfaces are especially suitable for direct receiving and the repair area – and, with optional wheel alignment kit, also for wheel alignment. All models can be retrofitted with a jacking beam. The DP comes standard equipped with a jacking beam built into the drive surface.

  • Integrated drive-on diagonals are used instead of the normal drive-on flaps, which hang down and interfere during start-up. Travel is fast, easy and produces no rattling noise.
  • Dye cast aluminium balance plates (MP models only), adjustable longitudinally or longitudinally and perpendicular to the direction of approach ensure comfortable and reliable vehicle support. They provide an enormous range of support while occupying a minimum amount of floor space.
  • 4 lights are built into each of the two tracks on the inside. They are turned on and off automatically as the tracks are raised or lowered.
  • Installation cassette with stainless steel cover and built-in rubber face seal.
  • Short assembly times thanks to lift unit preassembled in the factory with 12-m long cable set.
  • The drive rails are hot galvanised and/or powder-coated and are additionally fitted with an aluminium chequer sheet plating.
  • While lifting the track mounted at floor level, the optional automatic ground level compensation system closes the recess in the floor with 4 small after-stroke cylinders.This combines the advantages of installation at floor level (no drive over height) and the version resting on the floor (area under the vehicle is completely accessible without any difference in level).
  • Base guides made of high-tensile stainless dye cast aluminium alloy with built-in seal, guide belts, and grease chamber.
  • 260 bar high-pressure hydraulic unit in lower oil design with integrated 3.0 kW motor, valve, and oil fill volume.
  • Two reversing cylinders, support and drive cylinders with hard chrome plating.
  • Quality comes first – we guarantee the seal of the cylinders for 5 years.
  • Synchronous safety mechanism to compensate for different loads over a 2-part transverse.
  • Guide belts protect the hydraulic seal against forces acting laterally. The hydraulics are permanently protected inside the installation cassette.
  • Foil keyboard for raising and lowering with tactile feedback and visual error display plus lockable power switch – incl. emergency air release on the control section.
  • Electronic control with length measurement system via potentiometer without mechanical or inductive limit switch. Parameter values can be adjusted and stored long-term in EEPROM (available without electronic control if desired).


Tech Data

Features2-Cylinder Inground Lift VAS 7820012-Cylinder Inground Lift VAS 782001
Number of rams2
Inground lift designRunways
Mode of driveelectrohydraulic
Type of installationsurface mounted
Rated load capacity3500kg
Lifting height max.2020mm
Lifting time40s
Lowering time40s
Plunger diameter123mm
Column distance1500mm
Wheel alignmentoptional
Material of runway materialAluminium
Length of runways4400mm
Width of runways600mm
Wheel free liftnot possible
Driving power3kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz
Installation depth2443mm