1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP-midi

3.5 t, with 2-part supporting arms, incl. support plates, XY-lifting

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  • Driven by a powerful hydraulic unit in submerged motor version
  • Inversed hydraulic cylinder with hard-chrome plated support and drive piston
  • Long aluminum guide tube with integrated permanent lubrication
  • Lifting unit, including oil filling
  • Flat mounting bridge, galvanized, with mounting platforms made from cast aluminum that can be moved lengthwise and crosswise; can be equipped with rubber pads
  • Drive-over height 60 mm

Individually positionable control unit

  • “Lifting” and “Lowering” via pushbuttons
  • Acoustic and visual error indication
  • Lockable main switch
  • Pneumatic emergency release

Scope of delivery:

  • Installation cassette
  • Lifting unit
  • Mounting unit
  • Without installation material, including oil filling

A complete lift consists of 3 components: 1 mounting unit, 1 tray (standard or galvanized), 1 lifting unit (in tray or wooden box).

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Tech Data

Features1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP-midi1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP-midi1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP-MAXI1-Cylinder Inground Lift SL135MP-MAXI
Number of rams111
Inground lift designFlat beamFlat beamFlat beam
Mode of driveelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulic
Type of installationsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mounted
Rated load capacity3500kg3500kg3500kg
Lifting height max.2045mm2045mm2045mm
Lifting time35s35s35s
Lowering time35s35s35s
Min. supporting length1090mm880mm1240mm
Lifting length max.2243mm2051mm2401mm
Min. supporting width725mm673mm725mm
Max. supporting width1945mm1893mm1945mm
Plunger diameter123mm123mm123mm
Corrosion preventingHot galvanizedHot galvanizedHot galvanized
Wheel alignmentnot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Wheel free liftnot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Driving power3,0kW3,0kW3,0kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz
Installation depth2408mm2408mm2408mm