Jacking beam GHUSKTP 6/6

6/6 t, 330 mm stroke, air-hydraulic

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  • Complete: Two extensions and a middle support are part of the standard kit. They are ready to hand being fitted directly to the lift.
  • Smooth running: The standard needle roller bearings on the carriage rollers permit effortless sliding of the lift inside the pit.
  • Time-saving: The mechanical forced return rapidly retracts the piston even when off-load. Unlike conventional pit lifts, the piston is in effect ”pulled” back into its rest position.
  • Precision: The stepless fine-adjustment stroke permits the pit lift to be positioned accurately at the vehicle. Important for responsive lifting and when offering up assemblies.
  • Minimum effort: The load stroke of the pneumatic motor enables the load to be lifted at the push of a button – without any physical effort.
  • Durability: Both the piston rod and the pump piston are hard-chrome plated, for protection against corrosion and wear.
  • Load-depressing safety crosstrolley: The movement facility under load is disabled from a load of approx. 800 kg. A particularly flat design is also achieved.


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Tech Data

FeaturesJacking beam GHUSKTP 6/6Jacking beam GHUSKTP 6/6Jacking beam GHUSKTP 14/14Jacking beam GHUSKTP 14/14Jacking beam GHUSKTP 10/10Jacking beam GHUSKTP 10/10Jacking beam GHUSKTP 12/12Jacking beam GHUSKTP 12/12Jacking beam GHUSKTP 4/4Jacking beam GHUSKTP 4/4
Mode of drivehydropneumatichydropneumatichydropneumatichydropneumatichydropneumatic
Operationmanual controlmanual controlmanual controlmanual controlmanual control
Axle jack designJacking beamJacking beamJacking beamJacking beamJacking beam
Forced returnstandardstandardstandardstandardstandard
Rated load capacity6000kg14000kg10000kg12000kg4000kg
Capacity first level6000kg14000kg10000kg12000kg4000kg
Capacity second level6000kg14000kg10000kg12000kg4000kg
Max. extension of lifting unit100mm100mm100mm100mm100mm
Peg diameter55mm55mm55mm55mm55mm
Carriagenot adjustablenot adjustablenot adjustablenot adjustablenot adjustable
Overall height330mm360mm360mm360mm330mm
Operating pressure106bar250bar178bar214bar71bar
Surface coatingLacqueredLacqueredLacqueredLacqueredLacquered
Corrosion preventingUltra High Solid Primer (UHS)Ultra High Solid Primer (UHS)Ultra High Solid Primer (UHS)Ultra High Solid Primer (UHS)Ultra High Solid Primer (UHS)
Air supply6bar10bar8bar10bar6bar