Low-rise scissor lift VAS 791019

3.0 t, electrohydraulic

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The VAS 791019 short stroke scissor lift specifically covers the requirements in the field of tire and body work services. However, it is also an ideal workplace for maintenance work and work on the vehicle interior in the workshop. A reasonable investment allows the quick set up of an additional universal workspace without foundation work.

  • Platform extension – lockable with one single operation
  • Corrosion protection – ideal with CAT 8
  • Safety through hydraulically actuated locking
  • The scissor lift is equipped with a hydraulically actuated safety latch that secures the load in any situation.
  • The operation is performed via the control panel which is perfectly suitable as a writing support in an ergonomically ideal height and angle. Documents or as well as tablet computers can be stored on the integrated storage space.
  • The hydraulic system and electrical components in the panel are easily accessible in order to ensure the user friendliness. Solid push buttons ensure the safe operation of the scissor lift. To allow a flexible support of both small and large vehicles, the VAS 791019 is equipped with unfolded ramps on both sides that can be locked with a single operation. The support of lengths up to 2000 mm also allows the support of limousines.
  • The low drive-over height facilitates the support of vehicles with less ground clearance.
  • When it comes to corrosion protection, longevity comes first as well – the scissor lift, coated with cataphoresis, is protected against corrosion for a long time. The cataphoresis coating consists of primer and powder coating offering the same corrosion protection as a hot galvanizing with a significantly nicer surface.
  • The standard CE stop provides a base protection without deflectors.
  • That also makes the underfloor installation possible.
  • Even at a high frequency the hydraulic system ensures reliable functioning. Safety and total synchronism is provided through torsional waves.
  • The lifting platform is completely mounted and, without a significant installation effort, immediately operational after the hydraulic system has been connected.
  • The lifting platform is characterized by its superior serviceability: The pivot pins are running in maintenance-free bearings and the hydraulic lines are located well protected in the cross member.
  • The built-in emergency lowering allows the lowering of the load in case of an emergency.


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Tech Data

FeaturesLow-rise scissor lift VAS 791019Low-rise scissor lift VAS 791019Low-rise scissor lift XS30NLow-rise scissor lift XS30NLow-rise scissor lift XS30N-CATLow-rise scissor lift XS30N-CAT
Scissor lift designLow-rise scissorsLow-rise scissorsLow-rise scissors
Mode of driveelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mounted
Rated load capacity3000kg3000kg3000kg
Lifting height max.1000mm1000mm1000mm
Lifting time25s30s30s
Lowering time18s20s20s
Surface coatingPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coated
Corrosion preventingCathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)--Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)
Length of runways1420 - 2000mm1500 - 2150mm1500 - 2150mm
Width of runways420mm530mm530mm
Wheel free liftnot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Driving power2,6kW2,6kW2,6kW
Power supply230/400 V | 50 Hz230/400 V | 50 Hz230/400 V | 50 Hz