Low-Rise Scissor Lift XS30N

3.0 t, electrohydraulic

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The new short-stroke scissor lift XS30N impresses with its generously dimensioned platform length and width, which ensures that a wide range of vehicles can be accommodated. It covers the requirements in the field of tire and body service and is ideal for maintenance and work in the vehicle interior.

  • Platform length and width matched to modern SUVs and vans
  • Platform extension – Can be locked with just one hand
  • Stable and secure
  • Optional with cataphoresis coating
  • The lift has a double hydraulic system and two torsion shafts that can hold the load safely in any situation.
  • The standard CE stop ensures foot protection without a foot guard. This also enables underfloor installation.
  • To enable flexible pick-up of both small and large vehicles, the XS30N has ramps that can be folded out on both sides, which ensure a total pick-up length of 2150 mm and can be locked in place with one hand. This also ensures that limousines as well as wide SUVs can be accommodated.
  • The lift is completely assembled and ready for use immediately after connecting the hydraulics without major installation effort.
  • The ramps with plastic rollers enable low-friction and gentle rolling on the workshop floor.
  • The optional cataphoretic coating on the mounting platform and base frame provides additional corrosion protection for areas where salt is scattered.
  • To enable flexible accommodation of both small and large vehicles, the XS30N has platform extensions that can be folded out on both sides and easily locked.
  • Two independent hydraulic circuits with a total of 4 lifting cylinders make the absence of additional safety patches possible.
  • The XS30N can be set up on any paved surface without foundation work, anchoring to the floor is possible but not necessary. The lift can be easily moved around in the workshop with the supplied mobile kit.
  • The low drive-over height makes it easier to pick up vehicles with less ground clearance.



Tech Data

FeaturesLow-Rise Scissor Lift XS30NLow-Rise Scissor Lift XS30N
Scissor lift designLow-rise scissors
Mode of driveelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mounted
Rated load capacity3000kg
Lifting height max.1000mm
Lifting time30s
Lowering time20s
Surface coatingPowder coated
Length of runways1500 - 2150mm
Width of runways530mm
Wheel free liftnot possible
Driving power2,6kW
Power supply230/400 V | 50 Hz