Floor-running pit lifts Blitz X 20/15 Plus

20/15 t, 1200 mm lift, high speed, operating panel completely covered

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Blitz pit lifts captivate with their outstandingly conceived safety design combined with ergonomic operating comfort – without compromises. This means we set standards for modern lifting technology.

  • Blitz X – Classic chassis design for maximum flexibility
  • Patented operation on both sides (optional)
  • 30% faster lifting speed (optional)
  • Optimal Ergonomics
  • Made in Germany – 125 years’ experience
  • Patented operation on both sides (optional) – The time required to accommodate a vehicle is reduced to a minimum, it is no longer necessary to leave the pit.
  • Double acting air motor (optional) – enables a 30% higher lifting speed.
  • Totally covered air motor makes cleaning easier and reduces the risk of injury (optional).
  • Integrated tool tray brings the tool to the mechanic, not the other way round.
  • Needle bearing-mounted chassis pulleys allow the lift to be moved about effortlessly in the pit. All M and X chassis lower automatically when charged with a load exceeding 0.8 t.
  • Ergo Chromatics – All operating controls are marked in color with the color red and thus effectively prevent incorrect operation.
  • Ergonomic chassis – The newly designed chassis bring the mechanic closer to the lift, and therefore closer to the vehicle.
  • 2-layer surface finish – Opulent coating process for perfect protection against corrosion.
  • Slim Design – With the benefit of full lateral adjustment, the ground level construction method permits maximum freedom of movement.
  • Hydraulic-pneumatic automatic return allows the piston to return quickly with or without load.
  • Extra-long cylinder heads – Guarantee optimum absorption of lateral forces.
  • Fully hydraulic lifting unit – The piston rods are sprinkled with oil with each lifting/lowering movement – no rust on the cylinder wall and piston rod!
  • Infinitely variable creep lifting speed – important for delicate lifting and for the deployment of power units.
  • Hydraulic-pneumatic quick lift ensures a quick start-up of the piston rods up to the lifting point.
  • Operation via foot pedals – the hands remain free to carry out work on the vehicle.
  • Basic: The Entry into the World of the Blitz Pit Lift With normal lifting and lowering speeds and without cover.
  • Plus: The design for the budget-conscious operator. With all features, and just one operating unit.
  • Premium: The integrated pit lift for perfect ergonomics in the workplace. With 30% greater lifting speed and two-sided Operation.


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Tech Data

FeaturesFloor-running pit lifts Blitz X 20/15 PlusFloor-running pit lifts Blitz X 20/15 PlusFloor-running pit lifts Blitz R 20/15 PlusFloor-running pit lifts Blitz R 20/15 PlusFloor-running pit lifts Blitz M 20/15 PlusFloor-running pit lifts Blitz M 20/15 Plus
Mode of drivehydropneumatic--hydropneumatic
Operationfoot control--foot control
Pit jack designfloor-running--floor-running
Quick liftstandard--standard
Forced returnstandard--standard
Rated load capacity15000kg--15000kg
Capacity first level20000kg--20000kg
Capacity second level15000kg--15000kg
Lifting height max.2175mm--2175mm
Lifting time loaded110s--110s
Lowering time loaded58s--58s
Mounting diameter55mm--55mm
Carriagefreely movable--freely movable with transverse traveling gear
Undercarriage lenght1100mm--997mm
Undercarriage width845mm--820mm
Construction height975mm--975mm
Operating pressure298bar--298bar
Surface coatingLacquered--Lacquered
Corrosion preventingUltra High Solid Primer (UHS)--Ultra High Solid Primer (UHS)
Air supply10bar--10bar
Air supply max.15bar--15bar