Scissor lift platform ExaLift HDVL 35-110-I

35 t, platform length 11000 mm, electro-hydraulic, safety latch, under ground

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Robust truck scissor lift with extraordinary freedom of movement and extraordinary design. Minimum dimensions with raised lift distinguish the HEAVY-DUTY LIFT.

  • The electronic synchronization of the two guide rails takes place independent of the load distribution.
  • Mechanical safety latches with cluster gears guarantee max. safety of the vehicle in raised condition.
  • In-ground installation is possible. Optional is a floor-levelling available.
  • Optionally, the complete heavy-duty lift lift also are available as washing hall versions.
  • The user-friendly operator panel can be adapted to local conditions.
  • The access rails are raised vertically, thus saving the space always required additionally by a parallelogram lift.
  • Because of the space-saving arrangement of the lift scissors, the technician can move optimally under the access rails, as there are no interfering scissors, columns, or cross beams.
  • The surfaces of the access rails are made of anti-slip bulb plate. 
  • Different capacities and rail lengths can be realized by the arrangement and the type of the lift scissors.
  • All lifts of the HDVL series are available as above- or ­below-ground version. An optimal solution for the rational work space. Access rails installed level to the ground can be traveled over laterally. With raised lift, an optional ground balance can be installed between the lift scissors. This permits perfect access for example with a transmission jack under the center of the vehicle.
  • The floor supports are hot-dip galvanized and thus optimally protected against corrosion.
  • Easy installation, as no installation frames must be set.
  • Rollover and roll-back protection at the ends of the guide rails protect the vehicle against dropping down.