Vertical scissor lift V55LTAK-60CAT-PD8-I

5.5 t, electro-hydraulic, platform length 5400 mm with wheel alignment kit and wheel – free jack, underfloor

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Vertical scissor lifts of the V55 series are high-precision lifting platforms for wheel alignment and diagnostic workstations (assistance systems) with 5.5 t load capacity and 5500 mm usable track length. Depending on the application, the V55 series is available in both above-ground and underfloor versions.

  • Perfect corrosion protection – KTL coating plus powder coating as standard
  • Lots of free space under the lift with side access
  • The control panel has a factory pre-assembled hydraulic power unit and thus contributes significantly to low installation costs. Placement is possible left or right.
  • Documents or even tablet computers find their place on the integrated storage facility of the control panel, which is also perfectly suitable as a desk pad.
  • Stable pushbuttons ensure safe operation of the lift.
  • The standard CE-Stop ensures foot protection without a foot deflector and trouble-free floor-level installation.
  • The lifting scissors close to the wheel contact surface and thus give the lift a very high stability. In conjunction with the precision-machined and reinforced running surfaces, it meets the specifications of the leading German car manufacturers.
  • The construction provides maximum clearance under the lift and allows for lateral access.
  • The level lane allows the use at the headlamp setting.
  • Integrated recesses with stainless steel overlays in the driving surface enable the inclusion of all commercially available turntables. The stainless steel surface avoids corrosion and allows effortless prescribing of the turntable.
  • If no turntable is used, the recesses can be completely closed.The patches are equipped with plastic stops to prevent corrosion and reduce noise.
  • Sturdy plastic balls of the pneumatically lockable sliding plates ensure reliable and smooth operation and ensure a long service life.
  • The master cylinders are equipped with a pneumatically operated settling device. The latch bar is screwed and adjustable via screws. An exact wheel alignment is guaranteed.
  • Intelligently designed roll-back locks allow the use of the complete track length.
  • To use an additional axle free lift, a galvanized track is installed on the platform.
  • Lift table – 4000 kg
  • 8 movement play detector, 2014/45EU compliant



Tech Data

FeaturesVertical scissor lift V55LTAK-60CAT-PD8-IVertical scissor lift V55LTAK-60CAT-PD8-I
Scissor lift designScissors with runways
Mode of driveelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mounted
Rated load capacity5500kg
Lifting height max.2105mm
Max. lifing height at floor level1810mm
Lifting time35s
Lifting time loaded35s
Play detectorstandard
Surface coatingpowder coated
Corrosion preventingCathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)
Wheel alignmentstandard
Length of runways6000mm
Width of runways650mm
Wheel free liftstandard
Rated load capacity of wheel free lift4000kg
Lifting height of wheel free lift490mm
Lifting time - Wheel free lift5s
Lowering time of wheel free lift10s
Length of wheel free lift1390 - 2100mm
Driving power4 x 2,6kW
Power supply230/400 V | 50 Hz
Installation depth295mm