Scissor lift S50NAK-55CAT-I

5.0 t, electrohydraulic, with wheel alignment kit, platform lenghts 5500 mm, Inground

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The S50 series scissor lifts are excellent multipurpose lifts for the receiving area, for wheel alignment activities, for diagnostic workstations (assistance systems) and the repair department. Depending on the application area, the S50 series is available in four basic versions as well as both below-ground and above-ground (additional ramps required, see Accessories) designs.

  • Perfect corrosion protection – cataphoretic painting (CAT) plus powder coating as standard
  • Suitable for passenger cars and vans
  • 5.0 t lifting capacity with a usable track length of 5500 mm

  • Integrated recesses with stainless steel supports in the driving surface allow all commercially available rotary disks to be fitted.
  • The recesses can be closed completely when no rotary disk is being used.
  • Sturdy plastic balls of the pneumatically lockable sliding plates allow for reliable and smooth operation and ensure a long service life.
  • Smartly designed roll-back guards allow the full length of the track to be used.
  • In order to accommodate both small and large vehicles possible, the wheel-free lift of all LT models is equipped with an extractable, stepless platform extension.
  • A galvanized running rail is fitted for the use of an additional jacking beam.
  • The level track allows use at the headlight adjustment area (not with optional play detector).

  • The standard CE stop ensures foot protection without foot guards and easy floor-level installation.
  • Perfect corrosion protection – cataphoretic painting (CAT) plus powder coating as standard.
  • The fully hydraulic system with integrated self-venting in the “0” position guarantees reliable operation.
  • The main cylinders are equipped with a pneumatically unlockable set-down device. The ratchet strip is screwed on and adjustable via screws. This guarantees precise wheel alignment.
  • Durable push buttons permit secure operation of the lift.
  • A convenient, integrated storage space is provided for tablet computers or documents. It is also perfectly suited as a writing support.
  • The control panel is equipped with a hydraulic unit pre-assembled at the factory and connected to the lifting platform. This hydraulic unit contributes significantly to reduced installation expenses. It can be placed on the left or the right.
  • The floor bearings are connected to a rugged frame, which makes it easier to install the lifting platform correctly.
  • A hydraulic play detector can be installed in all versions – it is fitted in the front position of the recess for the rotary disk (at the factory/cannot be retrofitted). The play detector conforms to European (and Austrian) regulatory requirements.

Above-ground designs available in conjunction with above-ground kit S50 (overall length: 7320 mm)


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Tech Data

FeaturesScissor lift S50NAK-55CAT-IScissor lift S50N-55CAT-IScissor lift S50LT-55CAT-IScissor lift S50LTAK-55CAT-IScissor lift S50LT-55CAT-PD8-IScissor lift S50LTAK-55CAT-PD8-IScissor lift S42N46CAT-IScissor lift S42NAK46CAT-IScissor lift S42LT46CAT-IScissor lift S42LTAK46CAT-IScissor lift S42LT46CAT-PD8-IScissor lift S42LTAK46CAT-PD8-I
Scissor lift designScissors with runwaysScissors with runwaysScissors with runwaysScissors with runwaysScissors with runwaysScissors with runways------------
Mode of driveelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulic------------
Type of installationsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mountedsurface mounted------------
Rated load capacity5000kg5000kg5000kg5000kg5000kg5000kg------------
Lifting height max.2070mm2070mm2100mm2100mm2100mm2100mm------------
Max. lifing height at floor level1805mm1805mm1805mm1805mm1805mm1805mm------------
Lifting time47s47s47s47s47s47s------------
Lowering time40s40s40s40s40s40s------------
Play detectornot possiblenot possiblenot possiblenot possiblestandardstandard------------
Surface coatingpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coated------------
Corrosion preventingCathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)Cathodic electrodeposition coating (CEC)------------
Wheel alignmentstandardnot possiblenot possiblestandardnot possiblestandard------------
Length of runways5500mm5500mm5500mm5500mm5500mm5500mm------------
Width of runways650mm650mm650mm650mm650mm650mm------------
Wheel free liftnot possiblenot possiblestandardstandardstandardstandard------------
Driving power3,5kW3,5kW3,5kW3,5kW3,5kW3,5kW------------
Power supply400 V | 50 - 60 Hz400 V | 50 - 60 Hz400 V | 50 - 60 Hz400 V | 50 - 60 Hz400 V | 50 - 60 Hz400 V | 50 - 60 Hz------------
Installation depth295mm295mm295mm295mm295mm295mm------------