Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneujet

0-25 bar (0-350 psi), Filling hose with valve screw adapter

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  • FLEX4 protective rubber cap: Reliably protects the mechanics of the precision pressure gauge against external forces.
  • Protection against excess pressure: Integrated protective mechanisms prevent damage to the pressure gauge if excess pressure is accidentally supplied.
  • Easy to read precision pressure gauge: The numeric page1, 80 mm in size, offers ample space for large lettering that is easy to read.
  • Design optimised for weight: Use of light aluminium alloys and impact-resistant plastics reduces the overall weight to a minimum.
  • Integrated anti-kinking protection: Stabilises the filling hose at the output, thus ensuring a long service life and significantly less wear.
  • Filling hose 500 mm long: Ideal even for reaching valves that are poorly accessible – while still retaining freedom of movement at all times.
  • Integrated hanging ring: The hanging ring built into the control lever allows for fast easy supply of tyre pressure regulators. This effectively eliminates tripping over hoses lying on the floor in the work area.
  • Ergonomic design: The compact dimensions with optimally legible precision pressure gauge are designed for use by right- or left-handed users with large as well as small hands.
  • Lever operation: All control functions can be activated with one hand: checking filling and releasing air.


Tech Data

FeaturesPortable tyre pressure regulator PneujetPortable tyre pressure regulator Pneujet
Installation methodmobile
Valve adapter designValve screw adapter
Calibration possibleNo
Display designanalogue
Manometer diameter80mm
Filling pressure max.25bar
Filling hose length0,5m
Deviation / Tolerance86/217/EEC
Air supply25bar