Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2

0-10 bar (0-140 psi), Filling hose with twin hold-on connector

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The portable Pneustar 2 tire pressure filler with storage tank carries compressed air at all times.

  • Portable tire pressure filler
  • Compressed air storage tank with a filling volume of 6 l
  • Automatic filling device
  • Slanted precision pressure gauge (Ø 160 mm): Ensures optimal water drainage and nonglaring readability.
  • Compressed air storage tank: The compressed air supply in a galvanized version with a filling volume of 6 l.
  • Replaceable safety disk: Serviceability is a priority – to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Large spacing between filling bell and pressure gauge: Protects the precision pressure gauge when lifting the tire pressure controller from the filling device.
  • 800 mm long filling hose: In conjunction with the double-sided gas station plug equipped as standard, even poorly accessible valves can be perfectly reached – the hands remain clean at all times.
  • Weight-optimized design: By using light aluminum alloys and impact-resistant plastics, the total weight is reduced to a minimum.
  • Safe against an overpressure of up to 16 bar: In the event of accidental pressure oversupply, built-in safeguard mechanisms prevent damage to the pressure gauge.
  • PTB approval: All BLITZ tire pressure controller have been approved by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig).
  • Low center of gravity: The intelligent design ensures a particularly high level of stability.
  • Ergonomic rubber handle: The non-slipping, skin-friendly material ensures pleasant comfort when carrying the tire pressure controller.
  • Elastomer-based support feet: The strong damping properties of the material serve to protect the pressure gauge when dropped in an ungentle way.
  • Two button operation: The buttons that make dosing easy and are protected against water and dust are used for filling and draining.
  • Automatic refilling device: The refilling device, consisting of a filling bell and a filling valve (counterpart), is also used for storing the tire pressure controller.


Tech Data

FeaturesPortable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2Portable tyre pressure regulator Pneustar 2
Installation methodmobile
Valve adapter designGas station plug, double-sided
Calibration possibleYes
Display designanalogue
Manometer diameter160mm
Pressure vessel capacity6l
Vessel pressure max.16bar
Filling pressure max.10bar
Filling hose length0,8m
Deviation / Tolerance86/217/EEC
Air supply10bar