Automatic tire changer Kendo.30 light PREMIUM

leverless, including pneumatic bead depressor pusher and pneumatic wheel lift, passenger car, rim diameter: 10 – 30″, RAL 7016

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10 – 30″ leverless tire changer, featuring the patented Butler mounting tool for a stress-free mounting and demounting of all tires and rims (Standard, UHP, RunFlat)

  • Patented extra grip central center post:
    • Also suitable for reverse rims
    • Clamping the wheel is quick and requires minimum effort thanks to a self-clamping wheel support the self-locking mechanism of the floating plate
  • Synchronised positioning of the two bead breaker rollers and mounting tool in one movement – Quick and safe bead breaking by using two opposite and synchronised rollers disks
  • Patented mounting head made of scratch-proof material for damage-free work close to the edge of the rim (zero-stress effect)
  • User-friendly console
  • Indent button for correct and safe bead breaking without damaging the tire side wall or the pressure sensor
  • User-defined speed
  • Inverter with speed limiter to protect tire
  • Quick-clamping lock Quick-fit rim clamping device
  • Bead pusher arm
  • Pneumatic wheel lift

Accessories on request:

  • Universal flange for wheels without centre hole, also suitable for rims with extreme drop centre


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    Tech Data

    FeaturesAutomatic tire changer Kendo.30 light PREMIUMAutomatic tire changer Kendo.30 light PREMIUMAutomatic tire changer Kendo.30 light PROAutomatic tire changer Kendo.30 light PROComputerized automatic tyre changer Capture.4 PremiumComputerized automatic tyre changer Capture.4 Premium
    Mounting head designwithout tire leverwithout tire leverwithout tire lever
    Mounting arm designmoveablemoveable--
    Mounting column designrigidrigidrigid
    TeqLinknot possiblenot possiblenot possible
    asanetworknot possiblenot possiblenot possible
    Clamping device designcentralcentralcentral
    Clamping capacity min.10"10"10"
    Clamping capacity max.30"30"34"
    Rim width max.15"15"15"
    Tire type passenger carRun-FlatRun-FlatRun-Flat
    Wheel width max.381mm381mm--
    Wheel diameter max.1143mm1143mm1370mm
    Wheel weight max.80kg80kg80kg
    Min. working range of the mounting head10"10"--
    Max. working range of the mounting head30"30"--
    Automatic bead-breaking movementYesYesYes
    Bead breaker force12kN12kN1200kg
    Rotation speed0 - 16rpm0 - 16rpm0 - 16rpm
    Max. torque1177Nm1177Nm1373Nm
    Power inverter motor1,5kW1,5kW1,5kW
    Driving power0,75kW0,75kW0,75kW
    Power supply230 V | 50 Hz230 V | 50 Hz200/265 V | 50 - 60 Hz
    Fuse protection16A slow-blow16A slow-blow16A slow-blow
    Air supply8bar8bar8bar
    Air supply max.10bar10bar10bar
    Packaging unit1Piece(s)1Piece(s)--