Electro-hydraulic tyre changer NAV63.15

Electro-hydraulic truck tyre fitting machine with mounting head and tyre lever | WDK Certified

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The electric-hydraulic tyre fitting machine NAV63.15 is suitable for small earth-moving machines, agricultural machines, as well as truck and bus tyres with a rim diameter of 11 – 42″. Thanks to the optional extension, tyres with a rim diameter of up to 60″ can be fitted.

  • Portable control unit and bluetooth radio connection
  • Double slide movement
  • Two rotational speeds 4 / 8 UpM
  • Height of the clamping device is hydraulically adjustable, e.g. 300 mm for easy accommodation of 19 and 22.5 inch tyres
  • Fully hydraulic movement of the tool arm (rotation, lifting and shifting)
  • Minimum clamping diameter of 90 mm
  • Stand-by mode after 5 seconds
  • Large bead-raising lever and rim clamp for steel rims included in the delivery
  • Double slide movement: Tool holder and wheel receiver are movable, which allows for shorter working times.
  • An electric brake immediately halts rotation to avoid damaging the tyre.
  • Minimal clamping element height of 330 mm
  • Minimal, 90 mm clamping claw holder


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Tech Data

FeaturesElectro-hydraulic tyre changer NAV63.15Electro-hydraulic tyre changer NAV63.15Electro-hydraulic tyre changer NAV51.15Electro-hydraulic tyre changer NAV51.15
Mounting head designwith tire leverwith tire lever
TeqLinknot possiblenot possible
asanetworknot possiblenot possible
Clamping capacity min.11"11"
Clamping capacity max.43"43"
Rim width max.59"59"
Wheel width max.1500mm1500mm
Wheel diameter max.2700mm2550mm
Wheel weight max.2600kg2300kg
Automatic bead-breaking movementYesYes
Bead breaker force37kN34kN
Rotation speed4 / 8rpm4 / 8rpm
Max. torque5000Nm5000Nm
Chuck motor rating1,5 / 2,2kW1,3 / 1,85kW
Driving power1,8 / 2,5kW1,8 / 2,5kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz
Fuse protection16A slow-blow16A slow-blow