Inverter tyre changer HP641SD.24 Pro

Mounting head and mounting lever, passenger car, rim diameter 10 – 26,5″ | WDK Certified

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  • Pneumatic 4-claw clamping for rim diameters of 10 – 24″ outside clamping or 12 – 26.5″ inside clamping
  • Double synchronization for perfect load distribution of the clamping forces
  • Removable pedal unit for easy maintenance
  • Inverter motor with speed limiter to protect the tyre from excessive forces (0 – 16 rpm)
  • Pneumatically tiltable fitting column via foot pedal
  • With mounting head and mounting lever
  • Operation via foot pedal
  • Mounting head pneumatically released horizontally and vertically
  • The enlarged machine body offers more stability and strength during work.
  • More space at the bead breaker
  • Speed adjustable by the operator via foot pedal
  • Large chassis dimensions
  • Filter lubricator with gauge
  • Pneumatic bead pusher



Tech Data

FeaturesInverter tyre changer HP641SD.24 ProInverter tyre changer HP641SD.24 Pro
Mounting head designwith tire lever
Mounting column designtiltable
TeqLinknot possible
asanetworknot possible
Clamping device designClamping plate
Clamping capacity min.10"
Clamping capacity max.24"
Min. inner clamping range12"
Max. inner clamping range26,5"
Min. outer clamping range10"
Max. outer clamping range24"
Rim width max.15"
Tire type passenger carRun-Flat
Wheel diameter max.1050mm
Wheel weight max.80kg
Min. working range of the mounting head8"
Max. working range of the mounting head24"
Automatic bead-breaking movementYes
Bead breaker force3600kg
Rotation speed0 - 16rpm
Max. torque1200Nm
Power inverter motor1,5kW
Driving power0,75kW
Power supply180/260 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Fuse protection16A slow-blow
Air supply8bar
Air supply max.10bar