Professional tire changer Karacter.TLX Premium

Patented plastic mounting head, with pneumatic helper arm and wheel lift, passenger car, rim diameter 10 – 26″, RAL 7016

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Professional central locking car and light truck tyre changer, with patented plastic mounting head. Ergonomic and fast, thanks to the combination of roller bead breackers and side bead breaker. Suitable for every kind of tyre combination.

  • Equipped with plastic tool and 2 Pneumatic plastic bead breaker rollers for a powerful and easy working process
  • Plastic mounting head: Unlike conventional tools made of metal, the plastic tool allows you to work close to the rim, making it easier to bring the upper bead over the rim flange
  • Extra-grip clamping device – Three adjustable working heights
  • Side shovel
  • The position of the disks permit a leverless demounting of the second bead
  • Matching possible without demounting of the tire
  • Self regulating speed thanks to the inverter technology that adjusts the turns per minute to the required effort (TPM 0-14)
  • Synchronized positioning of the 2 bead breaker disks and separate positioning of the mounting tool
  • Disk advance button for correct and safe bead breaking without damaging the tire side wall and the pressure sensor
  • Synthetic tool
  • Clamping of revers rims possible without extra required optional
  • Adjustable height of the chucking table
  • WDK-approved




Tech Data

FeaturesProfessional tire changer Karacter.TLX PremiumProfessional tire changer Karacter.TLX Premium
Mounting head designwith tire lever
Mounting arm designswiveling
Mounting column designrigid
TeqLinknot possible
asanetworknot possible
Clamping device designcentral
Clamping capacity min.10"
Clamping capacity max.26"
Rim width max.15"
Tire type passenger carRun-Flat
Wheel diameter max.1168mm
Bead breaker force1200kg
Rotation speed0 - 14rpm
Max. torque1177Nm
Power inverter motor1,5kW
Driving power0,75kW
Power supply200/265 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Air supply8bar
Air supply max.10bar