Computerized monitor wheel balancer Librak380PWS Premium

Ultrasonic runout measuring device, touchscreen, laser pointer H6 and laser H12, cone set, cone for SUV, passenger car, rim diameter 10 – 30″, RAL 7016

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  • 19″ Touchscreen monitor with additional keyboard
  • Height run-out measurement with ultrasonic out-of-roundness measuring device
  • Indicates the weight positioning with a laser pointer at 6 o’clock (for adhesive weights)
  • Laser indication at 12 o’clock for positioning of clip weights with dynamic program
  • LED light
  • Computer-controlled wheel balancer with pneumatic clamping device
  • Automatic measuring of distance and diameter by internal 2D measuring arm
  • Automatic start by lowering the wheel guard
  • Automatic wheel width sonar for measuring the wheel width
  • The machine automatically stops the wheel in the outside unbalance position
  • Pressing a button moves from the outside to the inside unbalance position
  • LED light
  • 19″ Touchscreen monitor with additional keyboard
  • ECO-WEIGHT program

Supplied standard accessories:

  • SUV cone Ø 95 – 124 mm
  • Cone set passenger car Ø 44 – 104 mm
  • Laser pointer at H6
  • Laser H12: Inner and outer laser beam indicate the exact 12 o’clock position in the dynamic balancing program
  • Ultrasonic runout measuring device

General accessory parts on request:

  • Ultrasonic out-of-roundness measuring device type flange
  • Standard wheel lifter for Librak with or without weight compensation
  • Various type flanges, cones, centring sleeves, etc.
  • Compatible printer kit and much more.


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Tech Data

FeaturesComputerized monitor wheel balancer Librak380PWS PremiumComputerized monitor wheel balancer Librak380PWS PremiumElectronic Monitor Wheel Balancer Librak360PWS ProElectronic Monitor Wheel Balancer Librak360PWS ProElectronic Monitor Wheel Balancer LIBRAK350 ProElectronic Monitor Wheel Balancer LIBRAK350 Pro
Wheel data recordingsemi-automaticsemi-automaticfully automatic
Tread depth measurementoptionalnot possiblenot possible
TeqLinknot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Workshop-Netnot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Measuring speed< 100rpm< 100rpm< 100rpm
Measuring time6s6s6s
Balancing accuracy +/-1g1g1g
Min. rim width1,5"1,5"1,5"
Max. rim width22"22"22"
Min. rim diameter10"10"10"
Max. rim diameter30"30"26"
Max. wheel diameter1120mm1092mm1092mm
Max. wheel weight70kg70kg65kg
Power supply110/230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz