2-Post Lift VAS 771031

3.2 t, electro-mechanical, asymmetric

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Due to its asymmetrical design and slim column design, the VAS 771031 offers maximum drive-through width and a flexible mounting range from UP! to large vans.

  • Low column height
  • Broad mounting range
  • Reliable durable spindle nut system
  • Lifting and lowering via convenient push buttons on both sides (for VAS 771033 only; optional for VAS 771031).
  • Generously dimensioned fresh oil tanks placed on the lifting nuts always ensure an exactly fitting lubricating film on the spindles.
  • Two powerful 3.5 kW motors provide powerful lift and fast lifting and lowering times.
  • The electromechanical synchronization control works reliably and is easy to adjust. The lifting platform control system does not require any electronic components.
  • The low column height also enables installation in low rooms.
  • The spindles are roll-hardened on state-of-the-art machines. In this way, you obtain press polished flanks without destroying the grain. In conjunction with the specially alloyed CNC machined bronze nuts, the platform achieves outstanding running smoothness.
  • The high thermal conductivity of bronze enables trouble-free and safe working even under high load and frequency.
  • All components together guarantee a long-lasting and smooth spindle nut system.
  • Telescopic turntables in the push-in sleeve system enable the safe and fast use of inexpensive Adapter sets.
  • Flexible, wear-resistant plastic belts reliably protect the spindle against soiling.


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Tech Data

Features2-Post Lift VAS 7710312-Post Lift SPM402-Post Lift SPOA3TS-5-EH1
Number of columns222
Mode of driveelectromechanicalelectromechanicalelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mounted
Rated load capacity3200kg4000kg3500kg
Lifting height max.2042mm2030mm1957mm
Lifting time44s44s30s
Rotary plate height min.92mm105mm94mm
Rotary plate height max.152mm165mm154mm
Clear span between2510mm2944mm2560mm
Column height2644mm2643mm--
Drive-through width2269mm2680mm2336mm
Surface coatingpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coated
Support arm designasymmetricalsymmetricalasymmetrical
Telescopability front support arms2-fold3-fold3-fold
Telescopability rear support arms3-fold3-fold2-fold
Support bracket length on the front min.550mm725mm550mm
Support bracket length on the front max.1100mm1430mm1106mm
Support bracket length on the rear min.926mm725mm876mm
Support bracket length on the rear max.1440mm1430mm1472mm
Driving power2 x 3,5kW2 x 3,5kW4,0kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz