BlitzRotary received the award
„Best Vehicle Service Lifts 2005“

Bestowed by the Institute of Transport Mangement

In its deliberations to select the company, which would be the recipient of this year’s accreditation for “Vehicle Service lifts 2005”, the Institute of Transport Management (ITM) Awards Committee reviewed the entire culture of the nominees, with the objective of finding the company which offered unequivo-cal standards of customer service, product range, product value and overall professionalism and reliability. It was found that Rotary Lift distinguished itself in all these areas.

Commenting on the award. Mr. Sheedy, Media & PR Director for the Institute, said: “Unlike many of its competitors, Rotary Lift is a forward looking organisation, that recognises the importance in technology and the need to constantly develop and refine a product to keep up to date with automotive de-sign ad requirements. The lift is the central point of a vehicle workshop and thus the point of repair – through the various lifts provided – Rotary Lifts allow for more productivity and increased efficiency at the workplace at the most crucial point.“

The Institute of Transport Management was formed in the UK in 1977 with the express aim of providing further education and information to transport managers as its raison d’être. The Institute would work as a forum for the exchange of ideas and solutions in the building of what were then the equivalents of today’s supply chains. The idea for the Institute was based on the precept that transport managers in membership would share what they knew about transport and distribution with their fellow members.

In anticipation of members demand for information on an ongoing basis the Institute created its Awards of Excellence programme, whereby those supply partners who were the most popular choices made by members, would be honoured. Who could have foreseen in 1977 that the Institute would, by its coming of age in 2004, have grown to become the leading provider of accreditation to the worldwide transport industry.