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Over 75 years later, Rotary Lift has grown to become the world leader in vehicle lift productivity

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Librak360PWS Pro


The Librak360PWS Pro brings the optimal support for wheel balancing with its improved weight tray, tape-weight roller support and 22-inch screen

ROT 3D2.0WALL – AllOnWall Series

Wheel aligners

3D wheel aligner with wall-mounted panel including charging stations for 3D measuring heads and batteries fitted with magnets. Bluetooth data transmission

MGE 1.0

Aggregate lifting table Master Gear Entry Level

Universal lifting table with 1 t load capacity.
Suitable for safe and easy removal and installation of engines, transmissions, HV batteries, and chassis components


Hydrolift S3 2-7,5 AGRAR

Mobile column lift

2 x 7.5 t, with agricultural adapters, wireless, battery powered


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS and wheel alignment – the combination that takes wheel diagnosis efficiency to the highest levels


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