Oil-water separator Öwamat 10

For compressor capacities up to 58,5 m³/min

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Frequently, condensate consists of 99% of water and only 1% oil. Therefore, processing the oil emulsive condensate on site is always more economical than cost intensive disposal by specialist companies. An important point is, that your system complies with the applicable laws and regulations. Contained within the Water Resources Act, the legislation stipulates water processing according to the ” generally accepted engineering Standards ”. It is prohibited to discharge waste water containing more than 20 mg/l mineral oil into the sewage system. The solution: ÖWAMAT®

ÖWAMAT® is an oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates, proven for many years and continually further developed. Since it fulfils the applicable lawful regulations, safe processing is guaranteed and discharge of the processed water into the sewage system is possible without any problems.


  • Optional fault message transmission to a control system by an electrical alarm sensor on the level indicator.
  • The ÖWAMAT® is available in 6 sizes, ready-to-connect, and is designed space saving and user friendly.
  • In case of utilisation in frost- hazard areas, a separate heating unit assures problem- free processing.
  • Integrated level indicator and optical reference turbidity for comparison of samples.



Tech Data

FeaturesOil-water separator Öwamat 10Oil-water separator Öwamat 10
Tank capacity10l
Flow capacity piston compressors (Turbine Oil, VDL-Oil, Synthetic-Oil)1,7 / 1,4 / 1,6m³/min
Flow capacity screw compressors (Turbine Oil, VDL-Oil/ VCL-Oil, Synthetic-Oil)2,4 / 2,4 / 1,9 / 1,9 / 1,6m³/min
Input of connection port1/2"
Condensate inlet2 x G 1/2"
Oil outletDN 32
Water outletG 1/2"