2-post lift SPO65E-MB

6.5 t, electrohydraulic, double control panel, support arms 4 x 3-sections, asymmetrical, total height 5028 mm

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The electro-hydraulic 2-post lifts of the SPO65 series convince with an outstanding pick-up area, they are particularly suitable for van workplaces. There are 2 different post heights to choose from.

  • SPO series – the best-selling lift in the world
  • Maximum security with the Rotary 3PSS concept
  • Pick-up range from vans, emergency vehicles and motor homes
  • The particularly generously dimensioned support arms allow the safe pick-up of heavy transporters, emergency vehicles and motor homes
  • The 3PSS Concept (3 Phase Security System) includes:
    • Mechanical safety latches integrated on both sides with automatic actuation
    • Load-free synchronization pulleys secure the load during the lifting and lowering process
    • Hydraulic system secured by non-return valve including maintenance-free high-pressure cylinder in both posts
  • The maximum drive-through width with minimum external dimensions and the construction without a base frame ensure problem-free access to the lifting platform.
  • The double S-profile of the lifting posts enables maximum stability with minimum space requirement. The contact area of the lifting carriages guided in the lifting posts is significantly increased too.
  • The rotating plates are pluggable and can be extended or replaced with attachments in a stable and cost-effective manner.
  • For a plus in ergonomics and economy, the 2nd control panel is standard on the SPO55. One control unit is equipped with a 220 V connection (fused with 16 ampere for electric hand tools) and the second with compressed air preparation.
  • The upper safety switch-off effectively protects vehicles with a higher overall height from damage during lifting.
  • The electro-hydraulic design with only one unit ensures energy-saving operation with fast lifting and lowering times.
  • Flanged to the upper part of the lifting column, the unit is protected from external influences and allows more freedom of movement.
  • Rotary Hydraulic stands for maximum service-friendliness with minimum operating costs
  • The support arms are automatically locked when lifting. Once the platform is completely lowered, this locking device is released automatically. The particularly fine grid and a manual unlocking function extend the ease of operation.


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Tech Data

Features2-post lift SPO65E-MB2-post lift SPO65E-MB2-post lift SPOA3TS-5-EH1-MB2-post lift SPOA3TS-5-EH1-MB2-post lift SPOA40E-MB2-post lift SPOA40E-MB2-post lift SPOA40E-MB2-post lift SPOA40E-MB2-post lift SPO65E-LWB2-post lift SPO65E-LWB2-post lift SPO65E-EH2-LWB2-post lift SPO65E-EH2-LWB2-post lift SPOA3TS-5-EH2-MB2-post lift SPOA3TS-5-EH2-MB
Number of columns222222--
Mode of driveelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mountedfloor mounted
Rated load capacity6500kg3500kg4500kg4000kg6500kg6500kg3500kg
Max. lifting height2000mm1957mm1957mm1957mm2000mm2000mm1957mm
Lifting time60s30s30s30s60s60s30s
Min. plate height135mm94mm95mm94mm135mm135mm94mm
Max. plate heigh163mm154mm155mm154mm163mm163mm154mm
Clear span between3058mm2560mm2860mm2825mm3058mm3058mm2560mm
Drive-through width2687mm2336mm2546mm2413mm2687mm2687mm2336mm
Switchoff level4419 - 4875mm3760mm3760mm4065mm4419 - 4875mm4791 - 5247mm4065mm
Required ceiling height4740 - 5200mm3925mm3925mm4230mm4740 - 5200mm5600mm4230mm
Surface coatingPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coatedPowder coated
Arm layoutsymmetricalasymmetricalasymmetricalasymmetricalsymmetricalsymmetricalasymmetrical
Telescopic front arms3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold
Telescopic rear arms3-fold2-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold3-fold2-fold
Min. front arm length935mm550mm550mm550mm935mm935mm550mm
Max. front arm length1901mm1106mm1106mm1106mm1901mm1901mm1106mm
Min. rear arm length935mm876mm876mm876mm935mm935mm876mm
Max. rear arm length1901mm1472mm1473mm1472mm1901mm1901mm1472mm
Driving power30kW4,0kW4,0kW4,0kW30kW30kW4,0kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz230/400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz230/400 V | 50 Hz
Height4570 - 5028mm3765mm3865mm4170mm4570 - 5028 mm4976 - 5432mm4070mm