2-post lift SPOA3LX

3.5 t, electrohydraulic, double control panel, asymmetrical support arms, height of column 2908 mm

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Minimum Height for Maximum Power – The electro-hydraulic 2-column lift SPOA3LX is a flexible hydraulic lift designed for a variety of vehicle types and specially developed for shops with low ceiling height. Two powerful hydraulic power units provide fast lifting and lowering as well as smooth operation.

  • Flexible and without connection
  • Low construction height
  • Fast installation
  • Acoustic CE anti toe trapping
  • Standard delivery with 2 control panels
  • Thanks to the intelligent design of the supporting arm, the SPO-A3LX is suitable for a flexible range of vehicle types from SMART to large vans (e.g. V W T6 long).
  • Fast and easy installation – the platform is pre-in-stalled at the factory, “Plug and Play”.
  • Flexible range of installation – the minimal construction height of the columns and the adjustable cable bridge allow for optimal adaptation to local circumstances.
  • The integrated mechanical safety latches on both sides are activated automatically.
  • Two vertical hydraulic cylinders transmit power via redirected load chains, with the result that no cylinder operates or extends beyond the column, thus permitting the minimum construction height of 2908 mm.
  • A wide drive through dimension while maintaining a narrow overall width is made possible by the intelligent design of the lifting arms.
  • The clear floor design provides maximum versatility and obstruction free access for oil drainers and lifting tables.
  • Rotary hydraulics stands for maximum easy-servicing with minimal operational costsand low cost of ownership.
  • Standard delivery with second operatingcontrol panel forprovide a “plus” in ergonomics and operating efficiency. Compressed air connection and power outlet come prepared.
  • Flange-mounted on the upper part of the lifting columns, the power unit is protected from damage and is clear of the work area.
  • The pick up adaptors have telescopic height adjustment and can be lifted out for the addition of height extensions or vehicle specific pads.
  • The supporting arms are automatically locked during lifting. When the arms are lowered completely the locks are automatically released. The fine tooth pitch and a manual unlocking feature provide additional ease of operation and security.



Tech Data

Features2-post lift SPOA3LX2-post lift SPOA3LX
Number of columns2
Mode of driveelectrohydraulic
Type of installationfloor mounted
Rated load capacity3500kg
Max. lifting height1974mm
Lifting time39s
Min. plate height90mm
Max. plate heigh146mm
Clear span between2685mm
Column height2908mm
Drive-through width2388mm
Required ceiling height3058mm
Surface coatingPowder coated
Arm layoutasymmetrical
Telescopic front arms3-fold
Telescopic rear arms3-fold
Min. front arm length550mm
Max. front arm length1106mm
Min. rear arm length600mm
Max. rear arm length1280mm
Driving power2 x 1,5kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz