Mobile column lift ArtisLift MRG-25-4

4 x 2,5 t, electromechanical, cable-bound, lift spindle, mobile, ideal for passenger car, transporter and mobile home

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Electromechanical mobile column lifts for trucks, buses. Depending on the version, use is possible in the ­workshop or outdoors.

  • Electronic synchronization control with automatic emergency stop device
  • Each mobile column is equipped with a safety device in case of lift nut wear
  • MRG-55 configurable column sets 4, 6 or 8 (subsequently expandable); MRG-25 only set of 4 possible.
  • The large base frame at the lift column offers max. stability.  
  • On all mobile column, the installation can be raised or lowered via push buttons. Each mobile column is equipped with dead-man control and an emergency stop push-button.
  • MRG-25: one drawbar for the complete lift.
  • MRG-55/MRG-70: One mechanical drawbar per wheel gripper
  • Roll-handled spindle made of stainless steel in connection with a permanently lubricated bronze nut guarantees a maximum of safety and a long life.
  • Absolutely wear-proof Ertalon sliders in each lift truck guarantee max. stability with each positioning of the load.
  • Different operation modes like total operation, single operation, or operation in pairs can be selected easily at the main mobile column. Only MRG-55 / MRG-70
  • All motors have thermal protection. Manufactured according to EN1493. Automatic determination of the phases.
  • There are no interfering lines in the work area under the vehicle.
  • Adjustable wheel fork or easily attachable wheel support adapters available.
  • Plug connection with electric cable from mobile column to mobile column permits short setup times.
  • Self-braking gear motor connected directly to the lift spindle.
  • The lift truck steel rollers are equipped with self-lubricating, maintenance-free bearings.


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Tech Data

FeaturesMobile column  lift ArtisLift MRG-25-4Mobile column lift ArtisLift MRG-25-4Mobile column lift ArtisLift MRG-55-4Mobile column lift ArtisLift MRG-55-4
Mode of driveelectromechanicalelectromechanical
Communication of columnswiredwired
Number of lifting units44
Rated load capacity10000kg22000kg
Lifting capacity per lifting unit2500kg5500kg
Lifting time loaded60s120s
Wheel diameter min.500mm500mm
Wheel diameter max.1200mm1200mm
Driving power per cylinder unit3,0kW3,5kW
Weight per column360 - 410kg400 - 450kg
Surface coatingPowder coatedPowder coated
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz400 V | 50 Hz
Fuse protection32A slow-blow63A slow-blow