Sanitizer SNT-O3

Fully automatic, remote control via app

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Thanks to the particular and exclusive procedure that, at the end of the cycle, transforms the ozone into oxygen, SNT-O3 is the only sanitiser on the market for the automotive industry that guarantees correct air quality before returning the vehicle, in order to protect both the driver and the workshop operator. SNT-O3 is also a great tool for sanitizing workplaces.

  • Completely automated process
  • Dust Filter and O2 Catalyst
  • Standard ozone, temperature and humidity sensors
  • O3-O2 reconversion at the end of the procedure
  • Printable service report
  • Virucidal at 99,99 % against SARS-CoV-2 (certificated by the University of Ferrara)
  • The SNT-O3 operates stand-alone: The SNT-O3 is activated directly from outside the vehicle through a remote control supplied with it, or the free AIR2 SAN APP, and provides a completely automated sanitation of the passenger compartment. In fact, the operator has nothing to worry about, not even selecting the vehicle since SNT-O3, thanks to its ozone, humidity and temperature sensors, automatically provides the correct level of saturation. When the green light appears in the display or the specific indication in the APP, the vehicle is ready to be returned to the customer, without any further operation.
  • In order to guarantee the utmost efficiency and professionalism of the operation, SNT-O3 acts through three phases:
    1. During the first, SNT-O3, thanks to an electrostatic discharge, transforms the oxygen (O2) in the air in the passenger compartment, into ozone (O3) and spreads it in a precise, controlled and uniform way (not through a mere timer). This phase is more efficient and safe thanks to filter located at intake and intended to avoid the passage of particles towards the ozone generator. This to guarantee the generator itself a longer life, and also, more importantly, to eliminate the risk of an accidental production of dangerous nitric acid that may generate due to the entry of particulate into the O2 -> O3 transformation chamber.
    2. The second phase is the actual disinfection phase during which the SNT-O3 microprocessor, based on the data provided by its sensors, maintains the ideal amount of ozone and determines how long it needs to stay in the passenger compartment in order to eliminate mildew, fungi, viruses and bacteria, as required by the medical-surgical standards. This automated process also eliminates any risk of human error.
    3. Contrarily to many products on the market, SNT-O3 introduced a third phase in the sanitation process, which is a reverse cycle that transforms the residual ozone into oxygen through a catalyst. In other concentrations, the ozone is in fact a harmful gas and it is essential to guarantee a minimum residual concentration before returning the vehicle. This to protect not only the customer’s health, but also the operator whom is particularly exposed each time the vehicle is opened after being sanitised.
  • Free App: SNT-O3 also has a free AIR2 SAN APP that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. With the APP, you can check the progress of the process step by step, view a list of the operations carried out and generate a PDF document that can be printed and that certifies the proper sanitation of the vehicle, which is extremely important.
  • SNT-O3 for workplaces: Effective and reliable, SNT-O3 is also perfect to sanitise hotel rooms, bars, boats, waiting rooms, offices and rooms in general. Also in this case, the operator can benefit from its completely automatic operation, by simply starting SNT-O3 via APP and waiting for the sanitation to complete. Thanks to its sensors, SNT-O3 will determine the correct amount of ozone to release. Reconverting the ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure is essential to avoid re-entering a potentially irritant or ill-smelling environment.
  • O3 generation chamber of Borosilicate glass
  • Power supply 12 V / 100 – 240 V (optional)
  • Bluetooth inclusive
  • Compliance with official regulations: Protocol 24482 31/07/1996 and CNSA 27/10/2010

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Tech Data

FeaturesSanitizer SNT-O3Sanitizer SNT-O3
Type of disinfectionOzone
Installation methodmobile
Automatic switch-off functionstandard
Oxygen regeneration modeYes
PrefilterDust filter
Catalysis filterActive carbon filter
Ozone content10g/h
Air volume flow210m³/h
Noise level50dB(A)
Status indicationLED
Remote controlstandard
Mobile appstandard
Software versionAndroid | iOS
Data transmission typecordless
Housing materialStainless steel
Cigarette lighter plugstandard
Power consumption80W