Automatic tyre changer Aikido.Evo Premium

Leverless, incl. pneumatic bead pusher and wheel lift, passenger car, rim diameter 10 – 34″ | Red (RAL 3002) | wdk certified

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The Aikido.Evo Premium is a leverless tyre changer, equipped with the patented Butler mounting tool for stress-free mounting and removal of all tyres and rims with a diameter of 10 – 34″. It provides enough storage area to have all tools and parts at your working place and with its slim design fits into every workshop.

  • Space saving: no cables on the rear and included storage compartment
  • Faster workflow: memory function for storing tool height
  • Ideal & fast wheel positioning: electro-actuated extra-grip clamping plate adjustment & smart lock
  • Patented extra-grip clamping plate suitable also for reverse rims
    • Automatically increases the clamping pressure during rotation
    • Three adjustable working positions
  • Rim sensors on the disks for correct and safe bead breaking without damaging the tyre side wall and the pressure sensor
  • “Memory” button for storing the tool height, permits time saving during mounting and removal work
  • Mechanical synchronization of the arms – always pointed to the center of the wheel
  • Smart Lock allows a faster and precise locking and unlocking of the rim, maintaining the features of safeness and adaptability of a manual mechanic locking
  • User-friendly console with memory function
  • Synchronized positioning of the working arms according to the wheel diameter
  • Patented tool head of non-scratching material for damage-free work on the rims near the edge (zero stress effect)
  • Leverless – without mounting lever
  • Air treatment unit (water separator, pressure control, and lubrication)
  • Retaining ring for mounting paste included
  • Storage area for depositing accessory parts, valves, and tools
  • Rotating pneumatic bead pusher arm
  • Pneumatic wheel lift, raises the wheel from the floor to central clamping
  • Electric motor with inverter to allow speed control; rotation automatically slows down under bead stress
  • Simple and accurate diameter adjustment made by electro-actuated movement of the clamping plate
  • Simultaneous movement of arms and Wheel support to ensure best approaching angle for the tools
  • Free space in the rear for better handling and free movement around the machine

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Tech Data

FeaturesAutomatic tyre changer Aikido.Evo PremiumAutomatic tyre changer Aikido.Evo PremiumAutomatic tyre changer Aikido.Evo PremiumAutomatic tyre changer Aikido.Evo PremiumAutomatic tyre changer Aikido.EvoFI PremiumAutomatic tyre changer Aikido.EvoFI Premium
Mounting head designwithout tire leverwithout tire leverwithout tire lever
Mounting arm designmoveablemoveablemoveable
Mounting column designtiltabletiltabletiltable
wdk certificationstandardstandardstandard
TeqLinknot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Workshop-Netnot possiblenot possiblenot possible
Clamping device designcentralcentralcentral
Min. clamping capacity10"10"10"
Max. clamping capacity34"34"34"
Max. rim width15"15"15"
Min. rim diameter10"10"10"
Max. rim diameter34"34"34"
Tire type passenger carRun-FlatRun-FlatRun-Flat
Max. wheel width380mm380mm380mm
Max. wheel diameter1270mm1270mm1270mm
Min. working range of the mounting head10"10"10"
Max. working range of the mounting head30"30"30"
Automatic bead-breaking movementYesYesYes
Bead breaker force12kN12kN12kN
Rotation speed0 - 15rpm0 - 15rpm0 - 15rpm
Max. torque1177Nm1177Nm1177Nm
Power inverter motor1,5kW1,5kW1,5kW
Driving power0,75kW0,75kW0,75kW
Power supply230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz230 V | 50 - 60 Hz
Fuse protection16A slow-blow16A slow-blow16A slow-blow