The Blitz Series is one of the cornerstones of heavy duty engineering by Rotary with a capacity of 17 t. Developed with a long-standing lifting technology experience, the pit lifts of this series are recognized for outstandingly conceived safety design combined with ergonomic operating comfort.

The series is composed by two main typologies:

Floor-running pit lifts include Blitz M, R and X models.

Each of them has specific features to meet the different needs of the workshop.

  • Blitz M: models with integrated cross suspension for optimum precision work.
  • Blitz R: models that expresses their maximum potential in connection with rails.
  • Blitz X: models characterized by classic chassis design for maximum flexibility.

All the above-mentioned models are available with 2-stage or 3-stage telescopic design.

Suspended pit lifts include Blitz S as well as the new Portal Lift 17 Vario.

These models differentiate from the floor-running for their suspended operation that creates a free passage in the pit.

Portal Lift 17 Vario is the newcomer in this range that consolidates the well-known standards of Rotary with the addition of three main features that makes the heavy duty operations a lot easier.

Turn 3 into 1 – unique combination that allows you to pick up, lift and support any vehicle.

Fully adaptable to any pit – measuring the pit becomes a minor matter due to the adjustment of the chassis in height and width.

Ergonomic control – wired remote control of the lifting operations.

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